Entrepreneurship brings a new solution to old human problems, entrepreneurship provides jobs for skilled people, increases demand in the market, it brings competition to produce top quality products and services, it is a source of income for government and influence society with leadership skills. Entrepreneurship is the result of self-confidence, skills, and desire to become rich, creativity, imagination, and innovation. Similarly to the Black Sheep mindset, entrepreneurs set themselves apart from their competitors to bring differentiating value and change.

The Cost of Doing Business with Integrity and Values: Why It’s Worth It

Today’s business environment is fast-paced and competitive, leading many businesses to prioritize short-term gains and take shortcuts to increase profits. Despite this trend, more and more businesses are recognizing the value of operating with honesty and strong principles. While there may be initial expenses associated with this approach, the long-term benefits far outweigh the costs. In this article, we will examine the expenses of conducting business with integrity and values, and explain why it is a worthwhile pursuit for any company.

What You Need To Have A Global Mindset

Welcome Back Everyone! We hope all is well! Today, we wanted to share with you a concept that we learned from our masters program and that is the importance of having a global mindset. We were fortunate enough to attend a school that foster’s an inclusive environment of learning for national and international students alike. Lets get started!

The Costs of Doing Business: Hidden Risks and Greed

When it comes to a business’s financial success, there are two primary variable you need to keep track of: profits and costs. If you can retain control of these key variables, you can ensure that your business continues to operate successfully. However, there are other variables to consider too as ignoring them could lead your company to failure. These include hidden risks and greed.

Why Building a Brand is Different Than Building an e-Commerce Store?

The failure to understand the difference between brand building and eCommerce building is a common marketing gap. While both have similar goals as they are done with the purpose of increasing sales and revenue, the approaches applied for each vary and they both have the ability to make other more or less effective. Read on to take a look at brand building and ecommerce store building and learn what makes each of them different.

The Value of Authenticity, Integrity, and Honor in the Workplace

The Value of Authenticity, integrity, and Honor are three traits that are extremely important to possess and consistently exhibit. Such traits aren’t given or inherited. They must be continuously built upon. Integrity is a concept that includes consistency in actions, values, principles, outcomes, methods, measures, and expectations. It means our actions are trustworthy and honest.

Overview of Stocks

We hoped you enjoyed our last segment, Investing 101, where we shared ways to get involved in investments along with some advice about risk taking. Today, I want to branch off and provide an overview of the stocks , a place where anyone can invest thanks to the power of technology.

The Art of Negotiating, Importance, Tips and Tricks

Good Morning Everybody! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are looking forward to the turn of the New Year! To be honest, I can’t wait! I know this year there’s been many downs and ups, but all we can do is look forward to tomorrow. So, with that being said, I wanted to bring you something I wished I learned early on in my career, its The Art of Negotiating, Importance, Tips and Tricks. Let’s begin.

Components of Teamwork

Throughout my military, academic, and professional career, I have been a part or some great teams, some mediocre teams, and some terrible teams. I have worked with different personnel from all walks of life, have worked in small teams, big teams, and what I can say no matter how much I disliked somebody, the job was still easier with teammates.

The Art of Public Speaking

Welcome Back Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well! With Thanksgiving and the many holidays around the corner, I know it must be a hectic time for y’all so hang tight and enjoy the ride as the year closes out. Rest, recuperate, and enjoy whenever you can because we know that nothing lasts forever.

Why Many Jobs Dislike the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurship, Professional Skills, Thrive / By El Guapo Generally, a majority of employers and recruiters look for candidates with entrepreneurial spirit when hiring and it makes sense as having an entrepreneurial spirit means the employee is self-motivated and has inner drive. Such employees are usually high in demand because they are by nature very creative and innovative. They are passionate about the work they do and the organization they work for. However, not all jobs like this trait in employees mainly because many employers find that employees with entrepreneurial spirit are challenging to manage. Read on Why Many Jobs Dislike the Entrepreneurial Spirit to learn more.

The Clash Between Cultural Norms and Professional Norms

In simple terms, a norm is a rule that guides behavior among members of a group or society. Cultural norms are essentially social facts, i.e. things that exist in a culture independent of individuals, and that shape our behavior and thoughts. Similarly, professional norms also exist. Industries and organizations typically have existing expectations about what’s ‘normal’ in a workplace environment and measures for meeting these expectations. Lets get to it, The Clash Between Cultural Norms and Professional Norms .

The Importance of Networking

Networking is forming and building valuable relationships with people who can help you access current and new information, connect to new people, and gain exposure to new experiences. It is one of the most effective ways to fulfill your career goals. People in your network can help you search for work, explore career options, and grow in your career. Networking also offers important emotional and social support. Following are some top reasons that highlight the importance of networking:

Why it’s Important to Be a Dynamic Individual

Good Morning Everybody! Welcome back to Black Sheep Heritage. As many of you may already know, first and foremost, I like to start most of our articles by giving a heartfelt THANK YOU! Whether you are new to the brand or a frequent visitor, none of this would be possible without your continued support, a lot of it. We are growing and spreading the message day by day. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions to say the least. Today, we wanted to touch on what makes a Black Sheep so special.

Having a Winner’s Mindset

Good Morning Ladies & Gents, Welcome Back! Today, I wanted to begin a new segment. I’m going to call this Monthly Motivation! I felt like I needed to write this for those who might not be where they want to be at this said time or are having a rough October/end of year. So in …

Top 8 Habits of Successful People and Why They’re Important!

Good Morning Ladies and Gents! Welcome back! I know the past couple of weeks have been hectic and our posting irregular. Rest assured we have been working around the clock to bring you a new and improved site, content, and articles. We hope you are liking the new makeover we’ve done on the Black Sheep …

Leadership? Is it declining in this day and age?

Good Morning everyone, welcome back to Black Sheep Heritage, we appreciate all the love and support we’ve received this past year. Whether you joined at month one or month 8, all we can say is Thank You! Now, today I’ll be touching on a professional topic that both confuses me and eludes me in answer. Leadership? Is it declining in this day and age?

Why Leaders Concern Themselves with Doing What’s Right VS Managers Concern Themselves with Doing What’s Best

Although leadership and management are two words that are often used interchangeably, they represent different characteristics. Being a leader is not the same as being a manager. This is because their duties and responsibilities differ. Primarily, leaders concern themselves with doing what’s right. Managers on the other hand, concern themselves with doing what’s best. And there are several key reasons Why Leaders Concern Themselves with Doing What’s Right. Lets get started!

How Misinformation Impacts Our Daily Lives

The problem of misinformation isn’t new. It has always been there either as a part of a country’s politics, an artist’s scheme to sell their brand, a strategy of propagandists to bend people’s thinking, and more. What’s different today however is that misinformation flings faster and farther. Thanks to social media and the digital world in general. Because of this, this particular problem is getting worse.

How Stress Can Affect Your Health

Most of us have at least a bit of stress in our everyday lives and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, small levels of recurrent stress can be beneficial. Physically, it keeps our brain more alert which leads to improved performance. Mentally, it helps with self-preservation and protection. However, without proper care or awareness, stress can be quite detrimental. So let’s see How Stress Can Affect Your Health

Why Are People More Risk Averse Than Reward Driven?

Every day, people make decisions under uncertain conditions in a number of different scenarios (e.g. Is it safe to cross the street with a vehicle approaching? Should I invest in this stock?). Studies from different fields, including psychology, economics, and behavioral economics have established that most people are more risk averse, which is the tendency to prefer a specific but possibly less desirable outcome, than reward driven, e.g. the tendency to go for the potentially greater outcome.

Dropshipping 101: The Who, What, Where and Why of Dropshipping

Ecommerce is a now bigger than ever and it is still growing. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to buy products online using your smartphone. This trend is not just good for retail companies, but also for individuals who are looking to make money via ecommerce, either as a full-time job or side gig. Dropshipping 101 is a common yet widely discussed topic all over the net. Here’s the scoop.

What is the Finance Industry and the 4 Main Areas of Finance?

Happy Sunday Everybody! And welcome back again! We hope everyone is enjoying the New Year as much as I if not pleased don’t lose hope! Now, as some of you may know I currently mentor at ASU as a business development coach and thanks to the past few weeks plus over 10 years in the nonprofit industry, I decided to write this little number to elaborate on many questions I get in the daily life. So, without further adieu, What is the Finance Industry and the 4 Main Areas of Finance?

How Life Molds Winners

Good morning ladies and gents welcome back! I hope all of you enjoyed Halloween or any other festivities you had planned. If you didn’t read my last article, again I want to thank you all for the support you have shown on our social media. We really appreciate all the love you have shown to …

Elon Musk, Aprils Black Sheep

Good Morning Ladies & Gents, Welcome Back! We hope everyone is safe and doing well. I know times are tough and crazy right now. But lets remember most importantly safety first. Now, I know our March Black Sheep of the Month was a kick ass woman who needs not present herself, but I wanted to switch up our momentum and highlight someone different.

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” - Vince Lombardi

Our Mission

Ladies and Gents, Welcome to our mission! Black Sheep, a combination of past and present values offered to today’s men and women. Furthermore, we are here provide men and women with the necessary resources, perspectives, motivations or insights that will result in a return to their personal or professional lives. Through our experience, content, articles, series, or books, we hope to begin to disseminate fact from fiction and help those who lack the information necessary to implement change in their lives.

We are here to bridge the gap for those seeking answers. Whether you came from a similar upbringing to E or Phan, have the same professional, athletic, or intellectual background looking to find the answer to the next step, or simply looking to connect with others looking to be of value not only to themselves, but others as well, well welcome to Black Sheep Heritage.

Furthermore, we are going to offer not only our experiences to help, but notorious Black Sheep of the past as well. Fortunately, Black Sheep have always been present. They have always broke the status quo to bring about something new. Against insurmountable odds, Black Sheep of the past and present, have fought to innovate the times. For these reasons, we strive to make them proud by going against the status quo. We are the Black Sheep! We are Always Original!

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