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In this day and age, individuality, class, and personal development have been a long sought after industry filled with obscurity and misdirection.  Black Sheep Heritage is now the one stop resource for actionable advice from reputable sources. We partner with several Italian Stylists and take inspiration from several reputable sources. Along with our own Black Sheep touches, we created a class original by its own right. As Black Sheep, we differentiate ourselves by retaining and returning content that is intelligent, thoughtful, thorough, and fun! Stay Classy!

Why Doing What is Best vs. What is Right? Aren’t Always the Same Thing?!

We make decisions every single day. Some of these decisions are small and may seem insignificant while others could be life-changing. When it comes to the little stuff, how to do something or make a decision may not seem that important. However, when it comes to big decisions, the consequences are considerably more impactful.

The Clash Between Cultural Norms and Professional Norms

In simple terms, a norm is a rule that guides behavior among members of a group or society. Cultural norms are essentially social facts, i.e. things that exist in a culture independent of individuals, and that shape our behavior and thoughts. Similarly, professional norms also exist. Industries and organizations typically have existing expectations about what’s ‘normal’ in a workplace environment and measures for meeting these expectations. Lets get to it, The Clash Between Cultural Norms and Professional Norms .

How Stress Can Affect Your Health

Most of us have at least a bit of stress in our everyday lives and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, small levels of recurrent stress can be beneficial. Physically, it keeps our brain more alert which leads to improved performance. Mentally, it helps with self-preservation and protection. However, without proper care or awareness, stress can be quite detrimental. So let’s see How Stress Can Affect Your Health

How Music Enhances Our Creativity!

Creativity is important in virtually all aspects of life, from relationships to businesses, so we are constantly looking for ways to increase this important trait. While most of these tricks are not supported by science, there are those that are. Music is one thing that has been proven by science again and again to enhance our creativity and help us become more productive. Not only that, listening to music can be very therapeutic. It relieves feelings of anxiety and stress, hence allowing us to concentrate better and remove ourselves from a bad moment.

Why it’s Important to Be a Dynamic Individual

Good Morning Everybody! Welcome back to Black Sheep Heritage. As many of you may already know, first and foremost, I like to start most of our articles by giving a heartfelt THANK YOU! Whether you are new to the brand or a frequent visitor, none of this would be possible without your continued support, a lot of it. We are growing and spreading the message day by day. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions to say the least. Today, we wanted to touch on what makes a Black Sheep so special.

What is Maladaptive Behavior and How to Combat it in 8 Easy Steps

When dealing with unpleasant circumstances or emotions, we all sometimes find it difficult to face things head-on. Anger, avoidance, or other similar reactions are perfectly ordinary. However, sometimes our reactions to such feelings and circumstances don’t contribute to solving the problem. Instead, they can make things worse. This scenario is known as maladaptive behavior.

American Muscle VS Imports

Welcome Back Everyone! Let me start off by saying that from the bottom of my heart, on my hands and knees THANK YOU! We are on the verge of hitting 6K followers on Instagram, less than a month ago we had barely hit 5k. Sooo thank you, thank you, thank you….and……thank you! As you know, as Black Sheep, I make it a point to expand my horizon of knowledge and expertise. So this week I sat down with several enthusiasts to really hash out this highly controversial topic in the car world

Leadership? Is it declining in this day and age?

Good Morning everyone, welcome back to Black Sheep Heritage, we appreciate all the love and support we’ve received this past year. Whether you joined at month one or month 8, all we can say is Thank You! Now, today I’ll be touching on a professional topic that both confuses me and eludes me in answer. Leadership? Is it declining in this day and age?

Why a Wristwatch is Important and How it Can Elevate Your Style

The fashion industry experiences change all the time. One day, your wardrobe is full of trendy clothes and accessories but the next day, some of them go out of style. However, there are certain things that will never be outdated and the wristwatch is one of them. It is a powerful tool that remains relevant and holds immense value despite technological advancements.

How to Properly Rock Jordan’s Daily

What’s up everybody! Hope all is well. We are nearly done with August and coming right up on September. By the way, don’t miss out on our giveaway to celebrate our one year anniversary, click here. Yes, FREE GIVEAWAY for THREE Lucky WINNERS! As for today, we wanted to bring back to back features on our style guide.

4 Types of Shoes Both Men and Women Should Own

What’s up everybody!!! I hope all of you are doing well! We are halfway through August nearing September and let me tell you I am excited. We’ve hit some big strides this week and I can’t wait to share with you some of these projects once its all said and done. As for today, we’ve linked up with some designers to bring you a short,

The Ladies and Gentleman’s Guide to Socializing

Good morning ladies and gents! As you know by now, we put a lot of emphasis on social skills here, since they are an integral part of functioning in society. For some, socializing appears to come naturally, but that isn’t the case for everyone. As part of the Black Sheep family, we want to make sure that we all have the tools and resources to gain a return in our personal or professional lives, and generally our social lives do play a strong role in them.

The Art of the Struggle & The Importance of Competition

Good Morning Everybody! Welcome Back! Hopefully, with things kind of crazy right now, we wanted to continue on business as usual. So, Enjoy our newest piece, The Art of the Struggle & The Importance of Competition . Biologically, competitiveness is built into our DNA. We are programmed to hunt, gather, fight, and defend our territory and well-being.

4 Ways to Overcome Injury

Good Morning Ladies and Gents! Welcome back! Its been a while! Please excuse my brief absence. I just underwent two back surgeries this past month and have been on the mend. As some of you may know, I begrudgingly broke my back again last June!

Black Sheep Interview 2

Welcome Back Ladies & Gents! Welcome to our second segment, Black Sheep Interview 2! None other than our brother, Roc, From Roc Lifestyle, Team Black Sheep, has returned to give us another exciting Interview! Today, we bring you the Gentle Giant, Al Green aka Big Al

The Science and Psychology Behind Self-Belief: A Power We Should All Harness

Consider starting each day with an unwavering confidence in your abilities ie the Self-Belief Power. The feeling of empowerment that comes with self-belief is truly remarkable. Extensive research in the fields of psychology and neuroscience has demonstrated the significance of self-belief, not only in achieving personal success but also in promoting mental wellness. Let us explore the scientific and psychological aspects of this vital characteristic, self-belief, and how leveraging it can transform our lives.

Streetwear Origins: Part 1

Streetwear: You’ve heard the term. Probably witnessed people of all ages wearing oversized hoodies, baggie pants, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, combined with a hat with shoes to match, the list goes on and on. This begs the question, what exactly is streetwear? Streetwear fashion is the unique blending and mixing of clothing items and accessories that allows individuals to express themselves. This cultural and social trend has found its way across the world and has been influenced by different mediums to include: Location, culture, politics, language, psychology, and economic class.

How Tattoos Influence Style

There’s no doubt that tattoos have become more popular in recent years. Celebrities, athletes and everyday people have all been embracing body art, and it’s not just limited to one or two areas of the body either.

How to Be Proactive vs. Reactionary

It’s easy to lose control in stressful and difficult situations. In fact, such circumstances can sometimes reduce us to our lowest versions, prompting unpleasant emotions such as anxiety, anger, depression and fear. One great way to turn such circumstances around is the simple idea that it’s better to be proactive than reactionary. However, being proactive takes time as you have to make your own decisions, weigh alternatives, and consider your options to achieve your goals. Following are some guidelines that will help you in this regard:

3 Key Elements to Having a Strong Presence

All aspiring leaders need a strong presence, but it is something that’s not clearly defined. Is it grace when you are under pressure? Is it charisma? According to experts, a strong presence is a combination of various characteristics and external behaviors that create an image of leadership trustworthiness and competence.

How to Carry Yourself with Class

Welcome Back you! I am happy to see that you are enjoying our content and hope that we are meeting your expectations. Today we bring something very important to Black Sheep and that’s class. How to Carry Yourself with Class quick reference guide. Elegance and poise are rare characteristics in society nowadays, that’s why they are such valuable commodities

How the Military Influenced Women’s Fashion

Welcome Back Everybody! Hope y’all are being safe in these crazy times. I know 2020 has been rough for many, but try to keep your head up. Where there is a decline there must come a peak eventually. In this week’s post we wanted to hook the lovely ladies out there. So we went ahead and partnered with several local stylists on Upwork to bring you this piece on How the Military Influenced Women’s Fashion.

Dichotomous Transitions and Trades

Dichotomous Transitions and Trades Keep It Classy, Socialize / By El Guapo I often find myself in deep thought in my commute from my home to the city. This experience is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. If you’re like me, driving is a simple pleasure. Ha-ha! Although I will say it’s a very expensive simple pleasure. For the commute is roughly an hour and a …

Monthly Motivation

Good Morning everyone! Welcome Back! And Welcome to our newest segment, our Monthly Motivation! As you may already know, our goal here at Black Sheep Heritage is to empower, enrich, and enable all Black Sheep throughout the world to succeed through information, education, and motivation. With our combined experience, success, and introduction of many other …

Why Is Life Like A Highway?!

Good Morning Ladies and Gents! I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and any other Holidays during the past week. By now, I am most likely attempting to slow down a bit to enjoy time with family and friends, but do not worry I’m still hard at work behind the scenes. For now, I bring you …

How To Not Fall Into Any One Category

Welcome Back Everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and are enjoying our content so far. If you happen to have any questions you would like answered in further detail feel free to contact us. Also, do not forget our Halloween Tees are here only until November 2, so grab yourself one for you or …

Why is it important to be detail oriented?

Learn how to pay attention to details for success in your life! Hello Ladies & Gents! Welcome to another philosophical and educative article on Black Sheep Heritage. Today, I wanted to write to you all on a simple practice all Black Sheep do to be successful. I will be honest this is not an easy …

What Is The Importance Of Variables In Life?

Good Morning Ladies & Gents, Welcome Back! I hope that everything you have seen thus far has been of some help to you. If not, please be patient we are always working to bring something helpful to the rest of our Black Sheep. If there is anything you are searching for please feel free to …

Black Sheep Tips: Make your dollar go further

Something you may not have heard before! For this weeks article, I will be giving you guys some tips to make your dollar go further Now in my time as a Marine, I was fortunate enough to visit over 15 countries, some friendly, some not so friendly, and others god forsaken pits. But …

How the US Marine Corps Influenced Men’s Style

Hello Ladies and Gents! I hope you enjoyed our Black Sheep Of The Month featuring Hip Hop Artist NF. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out here. First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you for our support to this day, our Social Media has been getting so much love …

Tattoos in Corporate America

Good Morning Ladies & Gents! Long time no talk haha. I hope you enjoyed your Friday the 13th, I know I did. Two blown tires, a severed brake system, cold air intake burned, and one speed module later haha I can say that everything is finally up and running. Clearly, my good luck ran high …

8 Style Accessories All Men and Women Should Own

Good Morning Ladies and Gents! Happy Hump Day! I hope y’all are enjoying the new site layout and all the little special nuances to come. Unfortunately, an unforeseen disaster had us upgrade our site a little early, but I will say I do love this new direction were heading in. Speaking of new direction...

The Importance Of Authenticity For Black Sheep

Since the inception of Black Sheep Heritage, I have had the opportunity to work with individuals who identify as black sheep. Black sheep are individuals who feel like they do not fit in with their family or social group. They may have different beliefs, interests, or values, and as a result, they often experience feelings of isolation and disconnection from others. In my experience, one of the most important factors for black sheep to consider is the role of authenticity in their lives. In this article, I will explore the reasons Importance of Authenticity for Black Sheep and provide practical advice for those who are seeking to live more authentically.

What does it mean to have conviction?

What does it mean to have conviction? It means having a strong belief or opinion, and being willing to stand up for it. It’s about being true to yourself and your values, and not backing down even in the face of opposition.

How Style Adds Value

Good Morning Ladies and Gents! Welcome Back to our style guide! Great news. We are close to completing the Streetwear’s course from Parsons School of Design and Complex so please stay tuned for some exciting stuff. On that note, I wanted to touch base on how our own individual style can add to who we are in How Style Adds Value. Lets go!!!

Cold Weather Gear

Good Morning Everybody! Welcome Back! We hope the New Years is treating you well. I know these are hectic times so always remember to take care of your health. Today, we thought it highly relevant to write a quick how to on Cold Weather Gear. So we hope you find this helpful and informative. Lets start.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Fashion

Looking more stylish and fashionable isn’t really about wearing the most expensive, trendy clothes or mastering complex styling tricks. Do’s and don’ts also apply in fashion. Just because something is expensive, flashy, or trendy doesn’t mean it’s an ideal choice for everyone. Most of the time, things in fashion are created to suit a specific bracket

Why Self Awareness is Often Overlooked? And Why it’s Important

Good Morning EVERYONE! And Welcome Back! Today, I wanted to write about something that I speak about often throughout our social media and that’s self-awareness. Why? Well, it is one of the underrated yet very necessary skills we need to be successful. As you may have heard before “know thyself” which simply refers to this very skill. So without further delay, lets begin with Why Self Awareness is Often Overlooked? And Why it’s Important

Quality of Life Versus Lifestyle

A lot of people around the world are openly concerned with having a lifestyle. It is a priority for them. The truth is, quality of life matters more and it should always be a priority for everyone. If you lack money, you strive to have more. If you have lots of income, you may at some point think it’s not enough for you. If you dream, you want realities. There are a lot of ifs in this world

“Always Original”

Hello Ladies & Gents, I’m sure by now you’ve seen our headline and banner sporting our “Always Original” slogan, just like I am also sure that you’re wondering, What Gives?! Why is that your slogan? Where does it come from?! Why does it matter?! And what does, “Always Original”, mean? Well let’s discuss this. This …

Black Sheep Tips: Secret to Saving Money

How to save money on an education Hello Ladies & Gents! I hope you had a safe and excellent Labor Day weekend! For many of you, I know this was a weekend surely needed to recharge the mind and body from your daily lives. I know I did haha. Now, this week I …

Why You Must Think Critically During Times Of Political Turbulence

Good Morning Ladies and Gents! I hope all of you are doing well. Hopefully, you enjoyed our last two posts as much as we did. We can certainly say it was an honor to bring you 2019’s INBA/PNBA’s Champ, Alondra, and shed some light on our Black Sheep of the Year. Fortunately, the momentum is …

How Life Molds Winners

Good morning ladies and gents welcome back! I hope all of you enjoyed Halloween or any other festivities you had planned. If you didn’t read my last article, again I want to thank you all for the support you have shown on our social media. We really appreciate all the love you have shown to …

Having a Winner’s Mindset

Good Morning Ladies & Gents, Welcome Back! Today, I wanted to begin a new segment. I’m going to call this Monthly Motivation! I felt like I needed to write this for those who might not be where they want to be at this said time or are having a rough October/end of year. So in …

Is Pursuing a Higher Education Worth It?!

Good morning Ladies and Gents! Welcome back! We have one month left until 2020! Exciting isn’t! I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us! But until then we are going to keep the ball rolling. The other day I received a message regarding my Masters degree. For those of you …

Veteran Isn’t Our Occupation

Black Sheep Militia Article 3 Hello Ladies & Gents! Welcome back to another segment in the Black Sheep Militia section. Today, I wanted to speak to all of you about a common misconception I run into every day. It is not something that occurs only in my life, but in all veterans I personally know. …

Black Sheep Interview

Good Morning, Ladies and Gents! I hope y’all are having an Outstanding New Year and are taking large strides to accomplish those 2020 goals! For the first time ever, I would like to announce our Black Sheep Interview series launched by none other than our brother, Roc. So without further delay! Check out our Black …

6 Important Tips Needed to Focus in the Modern World

6 Important Tips Needed to Focus in the Modern World

What’s up, Everybody! I hope everybody is doing well! Today, I wanted to share with you something that I know we all sometimes struggle with. During both my Marine Corps career and my time in college, staying focused was THE most difficult task I had to endure. In today’s world, distractions are everywhere. Especially in today’s modern …

"Its not the appearance, its the essence. Its not the money, its the education. Its not the clothes, its the class" - Coco Chanel

Our Mission

Ladies and Gents, Welcome to our mission! Black Sheep, a combination of past and present values offered to today’s men and women. Furthermore, we are here provide men and women with the necessary resources, perspectives, motivations or insights that will result in a return to their personal or professional lives. Through our experience, content, articles, series, or books, we hope to begin to disseminate fact from fiction and help those who lack the information necessary to implement change in their lives.

We are here to bridge the gap for those seeking answers. Whether you came from a similar upbringing to E or Phan, have the same professional, athletic, or intellectual background looking to find the answer to the next step, or simply looking to connect with others looking to be of value not only to themselves, but others as well, well welcome to Black Sheep Heritage.

Furthermore, we are going to offer not only our experiences to help, but notorious Black Sheep of the past as well. Fortunately, Black Sheep have always been present. They have always broke the status quo to bring about something new. Against insurmountable odds, Black Sheep of the past and present, have fought to innovate the times. For these reasons, we strive to make them proud by going against the status quo. We are the Black Sheep! We are Always Original!

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