Black Sheep have a long standing history of standing apart from the crowd. From, innovative ideas, social activism and political change to groundbreaking invention and cultural initiatives. Well Ladies and Gents, its time to highlight everything you stand for with your own original style. Fashion and style are important for everyone not only for women but for men as well. A good fashion sense and style enhance and increase the confidence and morale of people. It makes you stand out in the crowd and look different from other people.

How Tattoos Influence Style

There’s no doubt that tattoos have become more popular in recent years. Celebrities, athletes and everyday people have all been embracing body art, and it’s not just limited to one or two areas of the body either.

How the Military Influenced Women’s Fashion

Welcome Back Everybody! Hope y’all are being safe in these crazy times. I know 2020 has been rough for many, but try to keep your head up. Where there is a decline there must come a peak eventually. In this week’s post we wanted to hook the lovely ladies out there. So we went ahead and partnered with several local stylists on Upwork to bring you this piece on How the Military Influenced Women’s Fashion.

Why a Wristwatch is Important and How it Can Elevate Your Style

The fashion industry experiences change all the time. One day, your wardrobe is full of trendy clothes and accessories but the next day, some of them go out of style. However, there are certain things that will never be outdated and the wristwatch is one of them. It is a powerful tool that remains relevant and holds immense value despite technological advancements.

How to Properly Rock Jordan’s Daily

What’s up everybody! Hope all is well. We are nearly done with August and coming right up on September. By the way, don’t miss out on our giveaway to celebrate our one year anniversary, click here. Yes, FREE GIVEAWAY for THREE Lucky WINNERS! As for today, we wanted to bring back to back features on our style guide.

Streetwear Origins: Part 1

Streetwear: You’ve heard the term. Probably witnessed people of all ages wearing oversized hoodies, baggie pants, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, combined with a hat with shoes to match, the list goes on and on. This begs the question, what exactly is streetwear? Streetwear fashion is the unique blending and mixing of clothing items and accessories that allows individuals to express themselves. This cultural and social trend has found its way across the world and has been influenced by different mediums to include: Location, culture, politics, language, psychology, and economic class.

How Style Adds Value

Good Morning Ladies and Gents! Welcome Back to our style guide! Great news. We are close to completing the Streetwear’s course from Parsons School of Design and Complex so please stay tuned for some exciting stuff. On that note, I wanted to touch base on how our own individual style can add to who we are in How Style Adds Value. Lets go!!!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Fashion

Looking more stylish and fashionable isn’t really about wearing the most expensive, trendy clothes or mastering complex styling tricks. Do’s and don’ts also apply in fashion. Just because something is expensive, flashy, or trendy doesn’t mean it’s an ideal choice for everyone. Most of the time, things in fashion are created to suit a specific bracket

How the US Marine Corps Influenced Men’s Style

Hello Ladies and Gents! I hope you enjoyed our Black Sheep Of The Month featuring Hip Hop Artist NF. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out here. First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you for our support to this day, our Social Media has been getting so much love …

8 Style Accessories All Men and Women Should Own

Good Morning Ladies and Gents! Happy Hump Day! I hope y’all are enjoying the new site layout and all the little special nuances to come. Unfortunately, an unforeseen disaster had us upgrade our site a little early, but I will say I do love this new direction were heading in. Speaking of new direction...

Cold Weather Gear

Good Morning Everybody! Welcome Back! We hope the New Years is treating you well. I know these are hectic times so always remember to take care of your health. Today, we thought it highly relevant to write a quick how to on Cold Weather Gear. So we hope you find this helpful and informative. Lets start.

How to Carry Yourself with Class

Welcome Back you! I am happy to see that you are enjoying our content and hope that we are meeting your expectations. Today we bring something very important to Black Sheep and that’s class. How to Carry Yourself with Class quick reference guide. Elegance and poise are rare characteristics in society nowadays, that’s why they are such valuable commodities.

Black Sheep Tips: Make your dollar go further

Something you may not have heard before! For this weeks article, I will be giving you guys some tips to make your dollar go further Now in my time as a Marine, I was fortunate enough to visit over 15 countries, some friendly, some not so friendly, and others god forsaken pits. But …

4 Types of Shoes Both Men and Women Should Own

What’s up everybody!!! I hope all of you are doing well! We are halfway through August nearing September and let me tell you I am excited. We’ve hit some big strides this week and I can’t wait to share with you some of these projects once its all said and done. As for today, we’ve linked up with some designers to bring you a short, but valuable piece of info

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." —Miuccia Prada

Our Mission

Ladies and Gents, Welcome to our mission! Black Sheep, a combination of past and present values offered to today’s men and women. Furthermore, we are here provide men and women with the necessary resources, perspectives, motivations or insights that will result in a return to their personal or professional lives. Through our experience, content, articles, series, or books, we hope to begin to disseminate fact from fiction and help those who lack the information necessary to implement change in their lives.

We are here to bridge the gap for those seeking answers. Whether you came from a similar upbringing to E or Phan, have the same professional, athletic, or intellectual background looking to find the answer to the next step, or simply looking to connect with others looking to be of value not only to themselves, but others as well, well welcome to Black Sheep Heritage.

Furthermore, we are going to offer not only our experiences to help, but notorious Black Sheep of the past as well. Fortunately, Black Sheep have always been present. They have always broke the status quo to bring about something new. Against insurmountable odds, Black Sheep of the past and present, have fought to innovate the times. For these reasons, we strive to make them proud by going against the status quo. We are the Black Sheep! We are Always Original!

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