Welcome Our Newest Team Members

Good Morning Ladies and Gents! I hope you are all doing well! One more week until the holidays, so let’s keep up that momentum! Today I bring you something very special. If you’ve been following us on social media, then you most likely already know. If not, that’s ok! Today, I would like to officially Welcome Our Newest Team Members, Mr. Rashad Bailey and Mr. Zachary Storm.

We are proud to add the two newest members to the Black Sheep team! Stay tuned! We have many awesome plans in the works!

Before we give you guys a sneak peek into our plans to come, let me just give you a heads up about what you will be seeing from now on. As many of you may already know Black Sheep Heritage began with myself and Phan. Our goal was to be able to provide everyone value through the right information and expertise we each have to offer. In this endeavor, like you, as Black Sheep, we strive to push past our own boundaries so that we may be of service to you all.

This brings me to Rashad and Zach.

Welcome Our Newest Team Members

Funny enough, it turns out that we were all Marines at one point. Hahaha what a coincidence right? This really solidified the old saying of “great minds think alike.” Anyways, after several conversations, Alan and I realized, that these two have the same aspirations and goals as we do. Like us, they do not enjoy being boxed in. Each of us have worked in multiple industries and are not afraid to keep pushing the threshold. Like us, Rashad and Zach have worked in multiple fields and have created a legacy through their hard work, dedication, and passion.

Welcome Our Newest Team Members! Alan and I agreed, that these were two key members we wanted to call teammates.

Welcome Our Newest Team Members

Now, I’m not going to get into their backgrounds and life story too much. Those will be coming from them to y’all soon, but for now let me tell you what you will be seeing on the site. As you may already, our site is fairly new and up to this point we’ve been covering the basics of multiple fields. However, in order to bring you guys more value and a better understanding we are excited to announce a couple of different segments. From here on out, don’t be surprised to see, videos and recipes in lieu of articles. Awesome, right?!!!

We will be interviewing key players of industry, in order to bring to you vital information, knowledge, perspective, and expertise. So, stay tuned! As for as our recipes, those will be uploaded periodically as well.

Now, here comes the exciting part! This is not all!

Unfortunately, we cannot reveal all of our secrets, but just you wait come 2020 there will be many more things to come. All I can say is you will not be disappointed. Up until that point, let me remind all of our Black Sheep our there to feel free to contact us if there is anything you would like to see or a question you may have. Even if you would like to say Hi, that’s ok too haha. To see more info on Zach and Rashad, click here and here!

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