How Style Adds Value

Good Morning Ladies and Gents! Welcome Back to our style guide! Great news. We are close to completing the Streetwear’s course from Parsons School of Design and Complex so please stay tuned for some exciting stuff. On that note, I wanted to touch base on how our own individual style can add to who we are in How Style Adds Value. Lets go!!!

Style refers to the distinct appearance of something, e.g. the way you style your hair, the clothes you wear, etc. But that’s not all. Style is different from fashion in a sense that it changes less frequently and it is more rigid. It’s not just about the way you look, it’s the way you act, your mindset, and your values. Style adds value through a number of ways.

How Style Adds Value

Style is Not the Same as Fashion

Style is important but unfortunately it is often undervalued because it is widely misunderstood. People often confuse style with fashion but it is different. Basically, style is what people really want when they say that they want to be fashionable. Style is your ability to distinctively sort through a variety of things, make a choice, and do it in such a way that resonates well with how you see yourself. Style is always fresh. It gives a hint of personality and it is a reflection of one’s unique complexity as a human being.

Style is more than just clothes. It is self-confidence and self-knowledge expressed through what you decide to wear. Simply put, style adds value as it is in the wearer while fashion is in the clothes. The distinction between style and fashion could not be more important.

How Style Adds Value

Being fashionable and stylish certainly transforms your self-perception. It doesn’t just influence your confidence level, but it also determines how other people perceive you. You can tell a great deal about someone’s status, personality, and more by simply looking at their attire. A profound style sense is a Goodway of showcasing your social energy, without actually talking to anyone who walks past you. The external outlook acts as an opportunity to get away with misconceptions and assumptions. Style adds value through a number of ways:

How Style Adds Value

Reflecting Your Thoughts and Tastes

The truth about style perceptions is that it is a reflection of one’s tastes and thoughts. If you wear something you love and wear it perfectly, you would relate to it. It is well-known that wearing what you love often increases self-esteem to greatextent. You should also pay attention to how it adds value. You can do that by choosing what allows you to stick to fashion and be socially sound at the same time. In this way, your attire will become a way of empowerment.

Expression of Personality

Majority of clothing is made to be functional first and stylish later. However, when a piece of clothing becomes symbolic of a certain kind of aesthetic or lifestyle, it becomes expressive of meaning. For instance, cowboy boots were originally made to be functional footwear for men who worked in the West. Cowboys were perceived as individualistic and rugged due to the demands of their occupation, and cowboy boots have continued as a choice style item for individuals who wish to express these values. Style adds value by allowing you to craft and create images of yourself, expressing your identity to others and potentially arousing feelings of commonalty or curiosity.

Expressing Creative and Artistic Energy

Just as photography, writing, and painting can be used as forms of artistic expression, wearing stylish clothing and being stylish in general similarly express creative energy. At the start of 20th century, design and art were closely tied. Majority of couturiers were also collectors of art. During that time, very little difference was seen between creating a textile pattern and a work of art. Nowadays, the industries have somewhat diverged, but style still remains a viable part of artistic and creative expression. For those who value style, the choice of clothing to wear can hold more importance than any generational or personal statement of the attire itself.

How Style Adds Value

Adapting to Change

The world of fashion is always changing and evolving. The rush of creation and artistic expression occurs season after season, as part of an exciting, unpredictable change. And your style that you choose adds value in the eyes of beholders by demonstrating your ability, as a human being, to adapt to change. We are always pushing further, striving to improve and know more. Style is one of the modern artifice faces, of the effort to make ourselves the masters of the conditions of our existence.

How Style Adds Value

In conclusion, there’s no doubt that style is one of the primary ways for us to express ourselves, how we feel, our identity, and more. What we choose to wear everyday reflects the way want others to perceive us and how we value ourselves. For Black Sheep, this is key on our creative expression. I hope you enjoyed this article and hope you took something valuable away from it. Till next time!-The Black Sheep

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