Our Mission

Ladies and Gents, Welcome to our mission!

Black Sheep Heritage is a combination of past and present values offered to the Black Sheep of today. We are here to provide the necessary resources, perspectives, motivations and insights that will result in a return to their personal and professional lives. Through our experience, content, articles, series, and streetwear, we hope to begin to disseminate fact from fiction and help those be true to themselves while implementing change in their lives.

Besides our mission, we are?…

We are a MultiMedia Brand stemming from historical legacies and traditions.

We are a company that prides ourselves on our values: Integrity, Initiative, Innovation and Intellect.

We are here to bridge the gap for those seeking answers.

Whether you came from a similar upbringing to E or Phan, have the same professional, athletic, or intellectual background, looking to find the answers to the next step, or simply looking to connect with others, Black Sheep Heritage is here to bridge that gap.

Not only are we going to offer our experiences to help, but notorious Black Sheep of the past are a great resource that many do not use. Fortunately, Black Sheep have always been present. They have always broke the status quo to bring about something new. Against insurmountable odds, Black Sheep of the past and present, have fought to innovate the times. For these reasons, we strive to make them proud by going against the status quo. We are the Black Sheep! We are Always Original!

Our Mission
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