Who Are The Black Sheep?!

Welcome Everyone! If you’re new to the site and still don’t know who are the Black Sheep, well look no further. Luckily, we began this journey for the unheard, the under represented, the raskols, and the silent courage.

You are the Black Sheep!

It is for the motivated outcast, the trained and not tamed, the rowdy and rambunctious, the stoic!

Evidently, for the educated, the intellectuals, the pointdexters, the veterans, the silent leaders, the compassionate shadows, the rare elite, the potentials, the relentless, those on the move, the successful failure, the disowned, and those striving to be the legends of their own story.

You are the Black Sheep!

To the outcast, that pretenders try to emulate and the unmotivated are moved to take action. Fortunately, you are not wasted on the pages of history, you do not wish tribute, nor song, nor wish to be remembered, but rather wish to continue to stride and strive.

For you are the Black Sheep!

You not only make yourself stronger by your actions, but lead in the midst of uncertainty and loss only to give rise to opportunity. We all live to improve our talents and skills for service to ourselves and others. To learn more of your heritage, click here.

Who Are The Black Sheep
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