Why the Phrase “I Make More Money Than You” Doesn’t Equal a Person’s Value

Most people have conflicting sets of beliefs about money and personal value. When they make more than someone they know, they naturally start comparing themselves with them. They define their happiness and fulfillment with phrases like “I make more money than you”. However, phrases like these are a wrong a way to judge others because how much a person makes doesn’t equal their value. In life, you want to be happy not rich. And although the mass media has convinced many that money leads to happiness and value, that’s not always the case.

Money can definitely help make life more enjoyable, provide for your future, and help you achieve your goals, but merely having the money does not equal a person’s value and it certainly does not guarantee fulfillment. In other words, just because you earn lots of money does not make you wealthy.

Why the Phrase “I Make More Money Than You” Doesn’t Equal a Person’s Value

Why the Phrase “I Make More Money Than You” Doesn’t Equal a Person’s Value: It’s All About Perspective

There is a correlation between how much money people make and how satisfied or happy they are. At about $70,000 a year, money becomes less and less of a factor. But, what really seems to explain the life fulfillment of people is not the specific amount of money they make but how their earnings compare to what their peer groups make. That is, people generally seem to compare themselves to others of the same level of education, gender, and age. Those who make more money than others in their reference group seem to get the idea that they are happier and more valuable than others. However, as stated before, making a lot of money isn’t enough.

Money is just one factor that influences the satisfaction of people with life. There are a number of other key factors that are also very important. For instance, your relationship with your family matters, your ability to pursue other goals, and autonomy. Your health has a huge impact on your life fulfillment and satisfaction. If you are not healthy, you are not happy no matter how much money you make.

What Does This Mean for You?

It is clear that the phrase “I make more money than you” is just a way for some people to feel good about themselves. It doesn’t equal a person’s value in any way. If you follow us on Instagram, you should know that the most important quality a person has to offer is their underlying values, their story. So, when someone uses this phrase to judge you, don’t get discouraged. Instead, keep yourself focused on whether or not you have enough money to do what you would like to do instead of comparing your earnings with the people around you. It isn’t easy of course. If a friend goes on a luxurious trip, you might wish you could do the same. If your neighbor comes home with a nice car, you might feel a pang of jealousy. But unless you are lucky enough to be making more than everyone around you, it would be a good idea to just focus on the joys of what you have and remember with time, experience and personal growth you can get their. Most importantly, we can help. As we’ve mentored others before most predominantly in academic and non-profit settings, we’ve worked with many organizations and brands to get you where you need to be.

Why the Phrase “I Make More Money Than You” Doesn’t Equal a Person’s Value

In a nutshell, money matters, but not as much as you think. Even though life requires it, money is not the ‘end’. It is simply the ‘means to the end’. So, try to live your life according to what’s important to you. That is ‘the end’. Till next time!-The Black Sheep

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