How the Military Influenced Women’s Fashion

Welcome Back Everybody! Hope y’all are being safe in these crazy times. I know 2020 has been rough for many, but try to keep your head up. Where there is a decline there must come a peak eventually. In this week’s post we wanted to hook the lovely ladies out there. So we went ahead and partnered with several local stylists on Upwork to bring you this piece on How the Military Influenced Women’s Fashion.

Lets Begin, How the Military Influenced Women’s Fashion

The military uniform has influenced the fashion of the era in a number of ways. Whether it is worn in consideration of war effort or simply as a tribute to the brave soldiers, there are several notable military influences on the fashion industry over the years. And it is not just men’s fashion but female fashion that has also been influenced by military symbols and uniforms.

Why is Military Style So Popular?

Military style is very popular both in men’s and women’s fashion. This is because of its spectacular appearance and convenience. The military style originated in the post-war era, when virtually all factories of Europe were eradicated, and because of the lack of civilian clothing, changing the military uniform to dress civilians became a necessity. In the 60s, hippies adopted this style and military inspired fashion reached its peak of popularity, entering the wardrobes of ordinary people. Nowadays, military influenced fashion is again relevant.

Characteristics of Military Style

Following are the prominent characteristics of military style for women:

  • The severity of the lines. Women’s clothing in the military style is restrained and simple forms. Most often, you can see trapezoidal and straight silhouettes.
  • Various shoulder straps, metal buttons, and patches are used as decorative elements.
  • Protective color. The main shades for the military style are grey, black, khaki, and olive.
  • Fabrics such as wool, tweed, denim, and leather are heavily used.
  • Lots of different pockets are also a symbol of military style.

Women’s Fashion Trends Inspired by Military

From the dress to shoes and accessories, following are some modern women’s fashion trends inspired by military:

How the Military Influenced Women’s Fashion

The Dress

The military style for women is strict but elegant. The length of such a dress is usually up to the knee, below the knee, or in the palm of the hand above. Women’s dress influenced by military is also generally closed with a collar stand or round neckline. Sometimes, it is decorated with shoulder straps or metal buttons.


Initially, military style pants were straight and strict. In the 60s, the hippie culture changed them, making them baggy and free. Nowadays, women’s military style pants are found in various styles, from wide to skinny with patch pockets. You can combine them with wide variety of different clothes.


Resembling a military overcoat, women’s military-style coat offers asceticism and simplicity. It is a universal wardrobe element that fits into virtually any image.

How the Military Influenced Women’s Fashion


Military style vest can be perfectly combined with a t-shirt and shorts. It is generally available in protective color and features bulk patch pockets. Military style elongated vest is also very common nowadays. It can be combined with sleek top and skinny pants.


Fashionable and comfortable jacket inspired by military easily fits in the casual style. It looks great with bristles and jeans as well as complements a set of white shirts and leather pants. Young girls can wear a military style jacket with mini dress.

Shoes and Accessories

Military style boots or shoes and boots on thick soles with low heals or without heals, as well as high boots with laces are a popular trend nowadays. A military style bag is a good addition to your wardrobe. It is distinguished by its laconic shape and protective color.

How the Military Influenced Women’s Fashion

In conclusion, the military style has found its way into women’s fashion again this year and it is not surprising why. The military inspired clothing is a symbol of femininity and elegance and means of attraction without any cost.

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