American Muscle VS Imports

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For auto enthusiasts who aren’t willing to fork out for a supercar, there are two primary options that are ideal for more performance and satisfaction: American muscle cars and import sports cars. There are pros and cons of both and neither is inherently better than the other. Read on to learn the key differences between them.

American Muscle vs Imports: The Differences

Understanding the differences between an American muscle and an import becomes easy once you get to know their definitions.

American Muscle VS Imports

What Are American Muscle Cars?

Muscle cars are high-performance vehicles that are a larger version of a 4-door sedan. American muscle cars are known for their powerful engines and manual transmission. They first launched in the late 1940s-1950s featuring powerful V8 engines into their coupes.

As the name suggests, muscle cars are an American invention because its highways and landscapes are more suitable for this type of vehicles. It is quite rare for an auto manufacturer from a foreign country to manufacture such a vehicle unless they want to sell it in the American market. Most people have confusing ideas about the proper definition of a muscle car. But the difference becomes crystal clear once you get behind the wheel.

What Are Import Sports Cars?

Also, commonly known as imports or foreign tuners, these sports cars are manufactured all around the globe. While many auto enthusiasts often disagree with the features and aspects that constitute an import car, there are certain characteristics that define this category. Imports are lighter and smaller than American muscle cars. They have a small cabin space but they excel at handling. Most popular imports are generally either European or Japanese. They often can be more expensive than American muscle.

Following are the key criteria to compare American muscle cars and imports:

American Muscle VS Imports


Muscle cars have a relatively high torque as compared to imports, which means they are extremely powerful. This is the main feature of American muscle and the primary reason why many enthusiasts choose muscle in the first place. Most of the torque in these cars is focused on the rear wheels, which means that they can accelerate very quickly. This makes them very effective at speeding up in a straight line. That’s why they are quite popular for drag racing.


The engine is the heart of any car and it is almost always going to be inherently different for both muscle cars and import cars because they are made to accomplish different things. The engine of an American muscle is meant to be big and powerful (hence so much torque). On the other hand, imports feature an engine that is designed to be lighter and smaller, but with an advantage of fast rotations, giving them a lot of horsepower.

American Muscle VS Imports

Body Design

When it comes to the aesthetic of American muscle cars and import cars, there is a significant difference. In terms of design, the comparison between the two is that muscle cars, as stated before, are American, while imports are mostly European or Japanese. Because of the fact that both kinds of vehicles have been built across Americas, Asia, and Europe, this might not seem as relevant nowadays. However, this is an underlying factor when it comes to the initial design of each style. Muscle cars are more box-like in design as they are built to look powerful and have sharp angles. Imports on the other hand are built to look more aerodynamic and their sloping curvature makes them feel futuristic and sleek.


Imports are a clear winner in this sector. American muscle cars are built with a focus on accelerating quickly on straight highways with few turns. Although there are a few models that offer better handling, they are nowhere near the superior handling that the import cars offer. Import cars are lightweight and specially designed to perform greatly around the corners. Their aerodynamic design allows them to turn easily while still keeping their wheels grounded.

American Muscle VS Imports

Conclusion – Which is Better?

In conclusion, the age-old battle between muscle cars and imports still rages on for one reason: personal preference. Each type of vehicle has its pros and cons and, ultimately, the choice depends on your specific taste. Both categories are great and it is up to you to choose the one that matches your personality and preference. That said, from the above comparison, it can be concluded that American muscle cars are more suitable for long road journeys, while the import cars are a better option for city driving.

So, whichever you choose, you’ll be riding in style with its own set of perks. And remember, its not the car, its the driver that makes all the difference. We’d like to hear your thoughts.

American Muscle VS Imports

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