Who and What are the Black Sheep?

What’s up everybody! Hopefully, everyone is having a good start to their November and are looking forward to the New Year as much as I am. If you haven’t noticed yet, our Instagram has been off the charts lately. We grew from a humble 200 following to well over 1,100. All I can say is thank you for all of the support. Today, I wanted to answer a question for many of you asking which is, “Who and What are the Black Sheep?” After continuous questioning and reflection, I think back at the conception of Black Sheep Heritage. Fortunately, throughout my past I had found success in everything I do due to my tenacity and my exceptional need for more education, no matter the field. Unfortunately, throughout the many fields I worked I also found others struggling for answers.

Now, one on one they would have no problems telling me of their many issues, but when it came down to actual action to make a change there was always hesitance or fear present. This marked the beginning of the Black Sheep known as E.

Who and What are the Black Sheep?

From the time I worked at a non-profit organization working with under privileged families, I would continuously see people fall wayside in their respective cultures, groups, and society as a whole. These are adults and kids with unlimited potential. There are too many falling through the cracks. It was always the same, people were missing guidance, resources, information, or a leader. This happened everywhere. I saw this while working for the bank, the NFL, the Olympics, the hospitals, at school…etc.

From that moment on, I began my journey to create Black Sheep Heritage. Back then, this was nothing more than a mindset and idea. Luckily, throughout my life it has continuously grown and solidified into what it is today. It is the one place where we present you with other Black Sheep past or present who found success against overwhelming odds. It is the one place that will use all our complete experience, education and perspective brought to you. This is a home. So, Who and What is a Black Sheep?

Before I give my answer further, let me impart you with some history.

Originally, the term Black Sheep, came from the very literal sense of a sheep that happened to be black. Now, this resulted very rarely due to a highly recessive gene. For the most part, a sheep’s wool that is black is less desirable from the white counterpart since it cannot be dyed. Unfortunately, as we know today anything that stands out or is not uniform to its surroundings will usually get a negative reputation unless a greater force supersedes it.

Who and What are the Black Sheep?

Fast forward to the 18th and 19th century.

As I said above, anything that stands out like a Black Sheep will sometimes get a bad stereotype attached to it. Unfortunately, during the 18th and 19th century it did not get any better for the Black Sheep which was now marked as a sign of the devil. Regrettably, this was simply not just a localized event. All across the world Black Sheep where unjustly put into a socially unacceptable position.

Fast forward to the last 100 years.

Although negative stigma has died down for the Black Sheep, it has evolved into a trait descriptor widely used in psychology and the general population. For instance, the term Black Sheep nowadays has been coined to describe people who do not fit in like the rest. They are described as outcasts, deviants, rascals…etc.  Furthermore, through a series of experiments held in 1988, the Black Sheep effect was created by social psychologists. In these experiments, it was found that no matter how likable a person may be, they may be coined as Black Sheep in other environments.

Who and What are the Black Sheep?

For example:

Say you are an outstanding, student athlete with a bright future ahead. Well, in the wrong group, said student could be the Black Sheep if they cannot directly fall into the other group’s values kind of like a band who plays only metal that doesn’t care for school or athletics. The reverse holds true as well. So, no matter who are what you do, you could be a Black Sheep. This brings us to how Black Sheep Heritage was created.

Clearly, if you’ve been with us so far you should know what we are all about. If not, don’t worry hahaha I will happily explain.

As you know, Black Sheep Heritage was created primarily by me, E. With the help of my brother, Phan. We continue to evolve this brand into something that will change all the negativity attached to people coined as Black Sheep. On the contrary, having the mindset of a Black Sheep is having the courage to stand apart from your peers and bring something of value to the world. Being a Black Sheep is standing above all of the BS to take back control into what really matters in your life which is you. Having the Black Sheep mindset will allow you to unyieldingly take a stand in what matters to you while still being open to learn and evolve yourself in many aspects such as: fitness, business, education, style…etc.

Who and What are the Black Sheep?

We have known from history that the Black Sheep was looked down upon for being different.

Funny enough, we now live in a world where everyone is claiming to be different, but in all these claims all we see is copies or reproductions of the same people or things. While everyone claims to be under the same umbrella of original individual, it is the Black Sheep left out in the rain. Fortunately, Black Sheep love the rain, they love obstacles, and adversity. It is our mindset that welcomes a challenge. Our mindset that continues to push us forward striving to be better than the rest. The Black Sheep Mindset leaps above duplicated brains of the culture and times.

The Black Sheep has continued to lead the world forward.

Luckily, it is the Black Sheep of the past that have paved our way towards the future. From Teddy Roosevelt and Alexander, the Great to Jack Ma and Steve Jobs, the outliers, the Black Sheep of their respective fields, that has brought this world greatness. Like Muhammad Ali to Usain Bolt, these Black Sheep went against what was normal to be champions. From Martin Luther King to Mother Theresa, these Black Sheep champions gave their lives for a cause. It is the people who stand apart and continuously push their limits not only for themselves, but for everyone as well. It is the Albert Einstein’s, the Tesla’s, the Wright Brothers, and anyone who created a revolutionary item or system in their time that flagged the Black Sheep towards the future.

The Black Sheep have continuously pushed towards innovation of themselves and their environment.

A Black Sheep’s mind is his or her most powerful tool, but now we bring you something more concrete. A place where all Black Sheep can call home. We offer a place where we can bring value through different aspects, experiences, and perspectives. Through our combined knowledge and experience, we will bridge the gap that society and culture has built. Now, here’s the kicker we are bringing other respective Black Sheep into the fray as well to bridge our own gaps. We are bringing people with different experiences and perspectives for all of you.

So, Who and What are the Black Sheep?

Respectively, a Black Sheep can be born or made at any point in their lives. In essence, we are all Black Sheep. However, some take time to wake from their slumber. Black Sheep are the change makers. The champions throughout history. We are the people who stand up against overwhelming odds to do what is right. No matter who you are or where you come from, rich or poor, young or old, tall or short, or man or woman, a Black Sheep leads the pack or leaves the pack to bring about positive change.

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