How Life Molds Winners

Good morning ladies and gents welcome back! I hope all of you enjoyed Halloween or any other festivities you had planned. If you didn’t read my last article, again I want to thank you all for the support you have shown on our social media. We really appreciate all the love you have shown to the Black Sheep Movement. Now, today hits on a couple of topics, but something that was inspired from Phan and my own origin story. For today’s article, I wanted to talk to you about, How life molds winners.

How Life Molds Winners

So how does life mold winners?

Before we get started, let me start by saying I will be speaking about winners in different contexts. Our perception of what we deem a winner is different from one another. For that reason, a majority of this article will be drawing from a quantitative perspective and examples. Using millionaires, top athletes, and overall successful people, it is much easier to paint a more measurable picture than to use more qualitative methods.

Let me be clear.

I am not saying that those who aren’t millionaires or top athletes aren’t successful. However, what I am saying is that for the purpose of this article to be well understood I will rely mostly on these as examples.

Let’s get started.

I’m sure you have all heard at one point or another that the most successful people of their time, generation…etc. have all gone through really difficult times. For some, it has cost them their lives. For my qualitative folks, I am speaking of Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and many others. As for my quantitative folks we have Zuckerberg, Bezos, Buffet, and many more than that.

How Life Molds Winners

These are all Black Sheep in their own right.

However, it does not matter whether you value tangible assets such as money or if you value social impact. What matters here is that these individuals were all molded into winners by life. To be more clear, constant failures and obstacles molded these men and women into winners. Contrary to popular belief, most men and women do not just come into fame or fortune. To be more precise, based on my research, about 76% to 80% come from nothing.

Can you imagine believing that most of the successful people in the world where just given a handout. This is one of the biggest fallacies of our time.

Regrettably, as I said before most of these individuals continued their crusade to their death. Now, let me break another delusion I’m sure you’ve most likely heard of. Unfortunately, not only have you been told that the world’s most successful people were born into their fame and fortune, but you’ve also been told that a majority of these individuals kick back with their riches living the good life. Well according to the research, only 2 out of 10 actually retire or “kick back” with their wealth.

How Life Molds Winners

What’s my point? Well before really getting deep into it I had to disseminate common misconceptions to bring you the truth and to bring you hope and value.

Luckily, I can now bring you the best part. As I said before, research has shown that the most successful people have the same origins as many of you. However, research from both Harvard and Stanford, have proven that throughout our lives, life’s failures lead to most of our successes when experienced correctly. Now, do you see how life molds winners. Now, I am by no means saying you have to come from a rough upbringing or horrible incident like media portrays our superheroes such as Spiderman’s loss of Uncle Ben.

This is great news!

According to Dr. Stanley, from the Millionaire Next Door, most successful people END up successful. See that accentuated “END.” I did that to help you understand that this will take time, patience, and tenacity towards your own definition of success. For some, this means working 30 years as a supervisor and saving most of their money thus resulting in a savings well over a million dollars. For others, this means creating their own business and working their own hours as they please thus resulting in success due to their newly acquired freedom.

The main point is in How Life Molds Winners…

How Life Molds Winners

To summarize, the main point is that: First, you will need to define what success means to you. Second, realize that a large majority of successful people began where you are now. Clearly, there are risks involve with everything we do in life. However, the great part of failure is trying again on your own terms. That is why we say this is our life, the choice is ours. All that is required is time, patience, learning from failure, and a continuance of your self-development. But you’re Black Sheep. This is who you are already. Black Sheep continuously adapt and overcome whatever cards are dealt in order to succeed.

More importantly, you need to understand and realize is that you can do it like many others have done so before you!

To close out, How Life Molds Winners, was created to help with the obvious disconnect from failure and success. I hope you all have learned and take something new. If there is anything you would like at add please comment down below. Don’t miss out on our new articles that come out twice a week and show us some love on our Social Media, links in top and bottom. Also, if you like what we are doing gives us a like and visit our shop to get our EXCLUSIVE Black Sheep Gear, here.

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