How the US Marine Corps Influenced Men’s Style

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How the US Marine Corp Influenced Men’s Style

How the US Marine Corp Influenced Men’s Style, was collectively worked on by some of my overseas friends from Italy. I hope you enjoy!

As all of you know by now, I served 8 years in theMarine Corps. As a Marine, I can whole heartedly say we have the best uniformsin the military. I mean come on; those dress blues are to die for. Fortunately,a Marines uniform wasn’t made simply for the looks. We have the pleasure ofenjoying form as much as function. What many of you do not know, the USMC’smilitary style garments originated much of the fashion used today. Thanks tothis branch, there has been an evolutionary trend to the styles used today.

From today’s array of bomber and flight jackets to awide variety of camouflage inspired accessories, the closets of men owe so muchto past Devil Dogs.

Since they were designed with utility and function inmind, the simplicity of these military inspired products keeps them lookingstylish yet edgy with the taste of functionality that the worlds elite fightingforce favor.

How the US Marine Corp Influenced Men’s Style

The following are some of the military-inspired itemsthat would serve you as well:

  1. The Field Jacket: The Field Jacket joined the Marine Corpsranks in 1965. This jacket was designed as a more wearable alternative toprevious versions. Featuring Fasteners on the collar, sleeve, and cuff, a builtin hood, and multiple pockets, this jacket was made to be conveniently packedand stowed.

No less functional and stylish today, this piece of outerwear is a ticket to instant layering success.

Stick to the basics; utilize thermal long sleeves, wool sweaters, hooded sweatshirts, and a variety of t-shirts underneath this popular military essential. Although the Field Jacket is nowadays available in a wide range of colors, why mess with tradition? A crispy olive green is not only the classic hue, but it is also versatile (you can pair it with everything from chinos to denim).

  • The Bomber Jacket: The Bomber Jacket is the next popularitem on the military roster that has influenced men’s style. As a jacket, itwas best suited for cramped, chilly cockpits. Over the years, this jacket hasbecome an outerwear staple that is seen in different iterations from low end tohigh fashion at every conceivable price point.

The longstanding history of the bomber jacket stretches from the middle of the 20th century to today.

Although “olive green” is the color usually associated with just about everything military, the real color of the bomber jackets was “midnight blue”. During the start of the Vietnam War Era in the course of the Korean War, the color of the jacket was shifted to the standard olive green in order to help the soldiers more effectively camouflage with the dense plant life and vegetation. Available in a wide variety of different styles and materials from nylon to wool to leather, the style strengths of the bomber jacket are its versatility and simplicity. The essential zip up is ideal for multiple seasons whether you throw it on over your favorite t-shirt or layer it up with a scarf and knit.How the US Marine Corp Influenced Men’s Style

  • The Aviator Sunglasses: In terms of accessories, nothing comesclose to the classic pair of metal-framed aviators. Aviator Sunglasses werefirst created for military pilots in 1936. A year later, they were released tothe general public. This stylish accessory has been on the faces of theexceptionally stylish men and military’s elite ever since.

You simply cannot go wrong with a classic aviator; they look amazing on any face shape and work just as well with denim as they do with a suit.

Just like other accessories inspired from the US Marine Corps, aviator sunglasses are available in a wide variety of styles. The essential gold frame with a dark grey lens is one of the popular styles. When shopping for aviator sunglasses, it is recommended that you make sure that the lens size is proportional to your face size. Avoid anything mirrored.

How the US Marine Corp Influenced Men’s Style
  • The Combat Boots: A quality pair of lace-up boots is the final staple inspired by the US Marine Corps that deserves attention. True combat boots (new or vintage) have made a comeback in recent years in many style circles, but it is recommended that you focus on a simple lace-up pair. Something weathered and dark would be ideal, particularly for the direction these military inspirations are taking your improved and new look this winter. Treat them with some leather protector and you are ready to wear them throughout everything the fall and winter seasons throw at you.

Clearly, by now, you should all know that as BlackSheep we must push our own thresholds and comfort zones and for that reason I bringyou this article.

How the US Marine Corp Influenced Men’s Style

There you have it Ladies & Gent’s, How the US Marine Corp Influenced Men’s Style, brings some of the most famous items you see day to day inspired by our military. Style can take influence from pretty much everywhere and US Marine Corps is one of the more dominant influences. Many aspects of the military uniforms have been used in men’s fashion. Above-mentioned are some of the most popular items.

To close out, I hope you all have learned and take something new if not a bit of history to enjoy. If there is anything you would like at add please comment down below. Don’t miss out on our new articles that come out twice a week and show us some love on our Social Media if you like what we are doing and visit our shop to get our EXCLUSIVE Black Sheep Gear, here.

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