How To Not Fall Into Any One Category

Welcome Back Everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and are enjoying our content so far. If you happen to have any questions you would like answered in further detail feel free to contact us. Also, do not forget our Halloween Tees are here only until November 2, so grab yourself one for you or a loved one by clicking here. As for today’s article, I wanted to write to you about something I feel is important and will go hand in hand with my previous article, “Always Original.” Today I am writing on the importance of categorization. To be more precise, I am writing about, How To Not Fall Into Any One Category. Fortunately, this will go hand in hand with our newest Black Sheep.

Now, let’s get started with our Black Sheep of the Month.

How Not Fall Into Any One Category

For those of you who don’t know, I operate out of Arizona. Furthermore, as my Arizona natives already know, we were visited by a famous Black Sheep on Tuesday night. None other than the Triple Platinum selling Artist, NF. I couldn’t help but feel like this was well timed. So in lieu of his awesome performance, this month’s Black Sheep is non other than NF for his ability to break free from preconceived notions and categorizations.

NF, known for his single, “Let You Down” is well known for his raw emotions and tragically accurate singles.

Nate Feuerstein, better known as NF, is an American Rapper and Singer that made his debut to the Number 1 spot on the Billboard’s Top Hits in 2017. Unbeknownst to many, this was his fourth album to be released and finally recognized. It took him many years of practice and pain to cultivate three albums which would finally lead to the realization of his dreams in 2017 with his fourth album, Perception.

How Not Fall Into Any One Category

Why is this important?

Well, what many of you may or may not know, NF like many other artists had to go through growing pains to become who he is today. What am I talking about? Well, unless you’re an NF fan, you wouldn’t know that NF grew up in a single parent home for a majority of his life. He began living with his mom, who was battling a drug addiction, then moved in his with dad and sisters once it came to light that his mom’s boyfriend was abusing him. Due to the rough household upbringing and Eminem being popular at the time, an outlet was created for NF. This was an outlet that would later create something that Hip Hop has been missing for a while, which is depth and integrity. I’m sure most of you know that most Hip Hop nowadays is a hit or miss relying on the typical drugs, money or sex in order to sell. Don’t get me wrong not all of these songs are bad, but they lack any depth that has been sorely missed since the times of Tupac.

So, How Does One Not Fall Into Any One Category?

Fortunately, NF, made this very simple to write about. What many of you do not know is that NF, although he derived many of his inspiration from Eminem and could have gone a completely different direction due to his upbringing, started off as a Christian Rapper. Clearly, those of you who do not know NF and have not heard his earlier albums, would not have know this. Although he began his journey in Christian Music, he did not allow himself to be tied down to a single dogma. As a matter of fact, his talent, strong work ethic, and his ability to move across multiple categories cultivated his success today. Clearly, this is why I am writing this article. Any die hard Hip Hop fans would know that coming from the Christian segment can be quite difficult and damn near impossible. Especially, if an artist is attempting to establish credibility.

How Not Fall Into Any One Category

Which brings me to my previous point. Always strive to be more than what your currently are! Do not be a one trick pony!

NF, brought back integrity to the game. Instead of following the crowd and segments others tried to place him in, such as Capital Records, he went beyond what was expected and distinguished himself. It was his drive, tenacity, and unwillingness to allow his environment to hold him back that made him successful. For that reason, he is a Black Sheep. As you have most likely read before, a Black Sheep is not a one trick pony. A Black Sheep does not limit themselves but works fervently to break through any barrier set before him or her.

And like the Black Sheep before him, NF was also an athlete, scholar, spiritualist, and poet.

I hope you are starting to see a trend on what makes a Black Sheep. They are people who go above and beyond the limits of themselves and their environment to bring about something new to not only themselves, but others as well. If you like to add to our always evolving mission, feel free to comment or contact us directly here. Also, if you liked this, subscribe and share with your friends. Or, if you like what were about and want to rep with your fellow Black Sheep, visit our shop here.

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