Having a Winner’s Mindset

Good Morning Ladies & Gents, Welcome Back! Today, I wanted to begin a new segment. I’m going to call this Monthly Motivation! I felt like I needed to write this for those who might not be where they want to be at this said time or are having a rough October/end of year. So in light of that I wanted to write about having a winner’s mindset.

At this moment, there are scholars all over the world either teaching or learning about the power of the human mind and all of it’s capabilities. Throughout our time as a species, although we have diminished in size or strength compared to our ancestors, it is our mind that has continued to evolve. It is our greatest asset and untapped power that we should not let go to waste.

Having a Winner's Mindset

Contrary to popular belief, humans use MORE than 10% of their brains!

I am not to sure where this myth came from, but the fact of the matter is, this is highly untrue. Actually, this myth is widely backed up by the fact that a majority of the brain is still widely researched till this day. Furthermore, it is the fact that we continue to discover new cognitive capabilities and pathways that contributed to the 10% myth.

Anyways, back to the Black Sheep’s Monthly Motivation.

Having a winner’s mindset can be defined as having the confidence in your ability to fail as well as to succeed. This confidence extends from having the discipline to do what is necessary to live a fulfilled life on your own terms.

So, how can you start?

Many of you may be having doubts and worries in your own potential which is pretty normal as we continuously fluctuate from hour to hour merely interacting or reacting with our environment. Fortunately, you have nothing to worry about. The most successful people in the world also undergo through this process. However, it is their confidence in oneself and expert adaptation skills that differentiate themselves from the rest of us. If any of this is starting to sound familiar to you, hold tight, the secret lies in a mere change of perspective.

Having a Winner's Mindset

You too, can develop a winner’s mindset!

So how do you begin? Well, developing a winner’s mindset begins with a change in perspective. As a matter of fact, the world’s most successful people have this secret skill well embedded into their daily lives that they themselves no longer notice it. This has become second nature to the 1% of the world.

What do I mean? Well, this is simple.

Stop looking at your environment in a negative way. Replace bad, can’t, undesirable…etc. with more positive outcomes. Unfortunately, where most people see shortcomings and failures, others see a goal achieved with a different outcome than expected or a mere obstacle. It is this change of perspective that can lead to a much easier, less stressful life. For example, most of us drive to and from work daily, but every now and again experience some car issues as if expecting a machine to drive perfectly day in and day out for the rest of our lives. Clearly, if the car is driven out of the lot, brand new, we would expect it to drive without a hitch for several thousand miles. However, life doesn’t always work out that way and we get a flat tire or vehicle malfunction. This is where you can either join the 1% or continue to live with the 99%. You can either react as if this is nothing more than a small hurdle or you can act like this is an affront to your existence.

Well you get what I mean.

Next, in order to have a winner’s mindset you must acknowledge your shortcomings and intentionally develop said weaknesses into assets. Again, let me state, that no single person is without doubts or limitations. Nevertheless, the most successful people get through said doubts by having the confidence in themselves and their abilities. YOU MUST ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE! If you cannot see yourself as a winner, you will never be able to perform to your highest capacity. Funny enough, not even a winner can perform to their utmost potential, yet they continue to reach for the highest pinnacle of their potential always achieving newer heights along the way.

Having a winner’s mindset will help you realize the following truths:

  1. You are your own limitation! Once you realize that only you are in your own way, you will reach a turning point in your life. This is where you decide to be your own captive or set yourself free from self-imposed limitations and disbelief’s. From here, you will be able to develop a positive mindset that will relentlessly find the solution to any setback.
  2. Have goals. Goals make it easy for you to take action. Clearly, having goals make the transparent more apparent and achievable.
  3. Persistence is key. You must come to terms that their will be losses and that life does not happen in one month or one year. Unfortunately, our simpler, more instantly gratifying lives, have set us up for failure in this department. You must realize that success takes years even decades. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED BY MISTAKES. This will make you feel like giving up, but if you stick with it and adapt the rewards will be greater in the end.
Having a Winner's Mindset

In conclusion, as Black Sheep we must come to terms with our own shortcomings and failures in order to conquer not only ourselves, but our environment.

Like the lion who failed to catch his meal, he continues on the next day and the day after that knowing full well that success will be reached in time with continuous effort and belief in his own ability. I hope this helped those of you who needed a little pick me up. If you liked this, please share with your friends and family or subscribe so that you never miss out. Or, if you like what were about and want to rep with your fellow Black Sheep, visit our shop here.

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