“Always Original”

Hello Ladies & Gents, I’m sure by now you’ve seen our headline and banner sporting our “Always Original” slogan, just like I am also sure that you’re wondering, What Gives?! Why is that your slogan? Where does it come from?! Why does it matter?! And what does, “Always Original”, mean?

Well let’s discuss this.

This is something we felt was absolutely important and necessary for our brand, Black Sheep Heritage. Without this, we are nothing more than counterfeit people without a goal to continuously strive for. But E, what do you mean? What is the significance of this slogan? Well its simple, take a look at the times, take a look at the culture, and key figures that many of us follow. Like my man J Cole said,

"Always Original"

“How many faking they streams? Getting they’re plays from machines. I can see behind the smoke and mirrors, people aint really big as they seem, I never say anything, everybody got they thing. Some people make millions, other people make memes.”

We are taught from a young age to be ourselves, to be true to oneself, to follow our own path, and yet mainstream culture teaches us differently. Let’s think? If culture is telling us to be different, to not follow the crowd, then why are we allowing mainstream culture to designate people for us to follow. Regrettably, we have fallen for the trap. Like sheep, we have walked right into the wolves’ den. Trust me, this is every marketers dream. This is every governments hope.

Being able to govern masses of people under one roof called individuality. To make matters worse, those that do not fall under that category get labeled as fake, uncool, phonies…etc. This is laughable. Hear me when I say, as humans with critical thinking skills that have allowed us to evolve up to this very point, we have failed ourselves and those around us.

"Always Original"

Now, let me be clear.

I am not saying you cannot enjoy things that others enjoy or that is in mainstream culture. What I am saying is to use those highly evolved cognitive capabilities to ask yourselves why? Why do you like these shows, clothing, music…etc. Clearly, this will require some level of awareness and questioning, but in return you will be able to add something missing to the equation.

So what’s missing you ask, well that’s easy, its value.

As a society, culture, or nation we have failed to give the full equation. The equation that would stand the test of integrity and solidarity. What am I trying to say? That’s simple, the “Always Original” slogan comes from being an individual that adds value, not only to himself, but his community, his environment, and uncharted areas yet to be explored. I am not going to lie to you this is difficult, you will get a lot of backlash, a lot of hate, jealousy, and push back by the surrounding environment. It is much easier to blend in with the rest of the “individuals”, but this is not going to lead to the rewards, freedoms, and happiness you seek.

Some days you may even pay in full for living with these principles because it does not fit in with the majority, it does not mold itself to the rest, but instead create something highly unique. You may lose friends, have trouble at work, feel outcasted in public, but you are not alone. Live happy and free knowing that you offer something much more valuable than the common counterpart. It is the perspective, the education, the experience, the contribution that awards us the higher personal equity, and not the empty words and unfulfilled actions of those who have lied to themselves.

"Always Original"

“Always Original” is the slogan of the Black Sheep.

It reminds them that in these two words, there is more individuality and value than most will ever have. This reminds a Black Sheep that in their pursuit of this ideal they can all always look upon other Black Sheep for support. If you like to add to our always evolving mission, feel free to comment or contact us directly here. Also, if you liked this, subscribe and share with your friends. Or, if you like what were about and want to rep with your fellow Black Sheep, visit our shop here.

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