3 Key Elements to Having a Strong Presence

All aspiring leaders need a strong presence, but it is something that’s not clearly defined. Is it grace when you are under pressure? Is it charisma? According to experts, a strong presence is a combination of various characteristics and external behaviors that create an image of leadership trustworthiness and competence. So without furthers delay, here’s a quick guide on how to make you the best you, with 3 Key Elements to Having a Strong Presence

3 Key Elements to Having a Strong Presence

If you don’t have a strong presence, you might miss out on a promotion or other key opportunities. So, instead of leaving things to chance and hoping that you have what it takes, it is recommended that you take the necessary steps to build this key leadership aspect. Following are 3 key elements to having a strong presence:


At its core, a strong presence is all about confidence. However, keep in mind that “the more confidence the better” perspective doesn’t apply here. Confidence is sometimes confused with cockiness. But in order to have a strong presence, you need to possess quiet confidence. Presence is basically confidence without arrogance. A true “present” leader is the one who doesn’t need to boast his achievements. Instead, they have an internal resolve driven by a sense of self-esteem that showcases effective, healthy ways of dealing with challenges.

3 Key Elements to Having a Strong Presence

Communicating confidence both in what you say and how you say it is a crucial aspect of strong presence. Good posture is also essential as it helps you appear confident. Eye focus is critical and last but not least, you must look the part.


Apart from outward behaviors, your mindset also helps you nurture presence. A huge part of how you come across to others is driven by your own belief in your competence. When you believe your story, your presence automatically reveals itself. Just avoid trying to “fake” your abilities. A strong presence is not about that. Instead, it’s about believing in and revealing the abilities that you actually have. Belief in yourself and your abilities boosts your confidence, which, as a result, gives you presence.

3 Key Elements to Having a Strong Presence


How do you behave when the stakes are high? Do you ever appear overwhelmed, flustered, or rushed? Do you lose your patience? Many people make the mistake of believing that looking very busy indicates their value to their team and organization. It doesn’t – it just indicates that you are really busy, and perhaps that you cannot be trusted with any more responsibility. Nobody wants to see a leader who is overwhelmed. People with strong presence are resilient. They present themselves as well-prepared, composed, calm, and in control in all situations. This inspires the confidence that they are capable of taking on even more.

3 Key Elements to Having a Strong Presence

These are the 3 key elements to having a strong presence. To improve your likelihood of success as a leader, it is highly recommended that you focus on these elements so you can cultivate your presence. Belief in your abilities leads to confidence. This then creates the positive energy you need to act in a way that builds others’ trust in your competence. I hope this quick reference guide gave you the tools needed to take your presence to the next level. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments down below. As always, we appreciate you and can’t wait to see you next time. Till Next Time!The Black Sheep

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