4 Types of Shoes Both Men and Women Should Own

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4 Types of Shoes Both Men and Women Should Own

Putting together a well thought out attire is never complete without the right footwear. And rightly so, without the right pair of shoes, your ‘perfect’ attire can be far from ideal.

I know it may sound dramatic to say, but your footwear can make or break your entire look. Fortunately, there are certain types of shoes for both men and women that can jazz up any outfit. So, let the world be your runway with the following types of shoes:

4 Types of Shoes Both Men and Women Should Own , For Men

1. Wing Tip

Wing Tips (or wingtips) are very stylish pointed dress shoes that are a favorite of men everywhere. This is because they are undeniably fashionable and perfectly classic. Not to mention they are also made by companies and brands that understand what gentlemen want: premium quality, long-lasting shoes that won’t require replacement every six months. Wingtips are built to last through every soiree and board meeting you attend.

2. Military Boots

Combat boots for men come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but they all have one thing in common. No matter the circumstances, they allow you to push past your limits. A good pair of military boots is going to protect you against shocks, slips, and moisture, in addition to providing all-day support and comfort. Known for their gallant look and sturdiness, these boots are perfect for pairing up with leather jackets.

3. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are a wardrobe staple for every man. Thanks to their timeless shape and design, these simple yet elegant shoes are a must-have for men of all styles and ages. From classic leather looks to relaxed and cool suede options, these boots are fashionable, comfortable, and versatile. Whether you are suiting up for a semi-formal party or you are simply rocking your casual weekend attire, Chelsea boots make an excellent choice.

4 Types of Shoes Both Men and Women Should Own

4. Chukka Boots

No gent’s collection of shoes is complete without at least one pair of Chukka boots. This type of men’s footwear is a staple for any closet as it offers an unmatched aesthetic. Chukka boots are usually made from suede or leather and most commonly feature a brown hue. They are best worn with casual outfits however, you can also wear them with smart attires as they are both fashionable and versatile. So, if you don’t own a pair, it’s time to invest.

4 Types of Shoes Both Men and Women Should Own , For Women

1. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a longtime staple of women’s fashionable wardrobes. They are one of the most versatile types of footwear. They are very reliable, particularly when you want to look cool and edgy. It is recommended that you grab Ankle boots in neutral or classic hues like brown or black. This is because they go well with just about any outfit, whether it’s jeans or dress.

4 Types of Shoes Both Men and Women Should Own

2. Loafers

Whether you would like to follow your style or you are looking for trendy footwear, you can pick up a pair of Loafers without giving a second thought. These lace-free shoes are both stylish and comfortable. Loafers can neither be classified as formal nor highly dressy. They are very versatile and you can wear them for a variety of occasions. Loafers are in style nowadays so it makes sense to stock your wardrobe with at least one pair.

3. Military Boots

Military boots aren’t just made for men; they offer equal elegance and utility to women as well. Drawing inspiration from military attire, these boots are trendy, versatile, and add the right amount of edge to any outfit. Furthermore, they also do a great job of keeping your feet cozy and warm while giving you a rugged look. Show off a bit of tough girl vibes by wearing them with your denim jacket or a leather biker jacket.

4. High Heels

Heels are a woman’s best friend. Not only do they flatter your look and lengthen your legs, but they also allow you to put a glamorous edge to a cocktail dress, a sleek finish to jeans, or aunique spin on any outfit you choose. High heels come in all heights and shapes. The most common types of shoes worn with a high heel include heeled sandals, stilettos, and pumps.

4 Types of Shoes Both Men and Women Should Own

The Bottom Line for 4 Types of Shoes Both Men and Women Should Own

For men and women who believe in creating an appeal that surpasses fleeting trends, these are some of the best options that won’t disappoint. So, choose the footwear that best represents your style and personality. The types of shoes listed above will be your shoe foundation. By investing in them, you will make sure that you have the footwear that will always be in style.

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4 Types of Shoes Both Men and Women Should Own

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