How to Properly Rock Jordan’s Daily

What’s up everybody! Hope all is well. We are nearly done with August and coming right up on September. By the way, don’t miss out on our giveaway to celebrate our one year anniversary, click here. Yes, FREE GIVEAWAY for THREE Lucky WINNERS! As for today, we wanted to bring back to back features on our style guide. If you missed last week’s, post check it out here. So, without further adieu, lets get this show on road on, How to Properly Rock Jordan’s Daily .

How to Properly Rock Jordan's Daily

If you follow us on Instagram, then you know I’m a HUGE sneaker head. The many combinations of style and color are what attract me to the many popular brands out there. As of late, I have taken a liking to individual artists and designers as they put their own personal twists on things.

But whats the point if you can’t wear your favorite sneakers on a daily basis. So here we are, a daily comprehensive guide to rockin’ your favorite J’s in different scenarios. But first, the introduction.

The Air Jordan, commonly known as Jordans, is a popular basketball shoe choice. The brand offers a variety of high-quality selections to suit different tastes. While the Jordans are perfect for players on the basketball court, they are also synonymous with fashion and streetwear. AJs are cultural icon and you can definitely rock them with your casual clothes.

How Do You Wear Jordan’s Casually?

You can rock Jordans with casual clothes in a number of ways. However, before you incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe, it is highly recommended that you follow some key tips to avoid certain fashion blunders. To properly rock Jordans with casual clothes, these are the tips you should follow:

How to Properly Rock Jordan's Daily

• Go for the Right Pair: Whether it’s a low or high-topJordan, you can choose to wear it with shorts, casual dresses, and jeans. All you need to make sure is that the pair is the centerpiece of your outfit. Dress from the bottom to properly highlight your shoe features.

• For Classic Look: If you are looking for a more classic look, then you will need to choose the earliest released Jordans. Ladies can opt for Jordan III. It is a softer option that features a rounder shape.

• To Wear with Jeans: If you want to rock your Jordans with jeans, then make sure that they are slim jeans. Wear a darker pair of jeans as they will truly highlight your shoe color. Just make sure to choose a color that matcheswell.

• For Tailored Effect: For a more tailored effect, it is recommended that you tuck your jeans slightly into your Jordans. For casual wear, choose items like shorts, slim fitted joggers, or cargo pants.

• Consider Your Style: Keep your personal style at the forefront. And if you want to build your look around your Jordans, do it. There is a variety of selection available so you will surely find the right pair for your look.

How to Properly Rock Jordan's Daily

Different Ways to Wear Jordan’s with Casual Clothes

As mentioned before, you can rock Jordans with casual clothes in a number of ways. If you are going for a smart casual look, then choose slimmer cut jeans. On the other hand, if you want a very casual look, simply wear the Jordans with a pair of joggers or shorts. Following are the different ways to wear Jordan with casual clothes:

Lazy Sweats

If you want to wear a sweat suit because you are having a lazy day, then Jordans are a great shoe choice. Simply stack those sweats over the high top of your Jordans for a clean look that helps you remain comfortable as well as shows off your kicks.


Jeans are the most popular choice when it comes to rocking a casual look with Jordans. Slim jeans are recommended. You can also wear jeans in a way to show the tow box and mid-section. It’s not the most popular option but it may suit your style.


There’s nothing like a pair of Jordans in the spring or fall. Those are ideal conditions for Jordans and a flannel shirt over a graphic tee. Black and blue or black and red are colors of choice as they help amplify that lumberjack look.

How to Properly Rock Jordan's Daily

Pairing Jordans with shorts is quite easy. If you are wearing low-cut Jordans, then it is recommended that you choose a low-cut neutral pair of socks. Cargo shorts are a great optionas they give you a matured look as opposed to regular sports shorts. If your Jordans have more neutral colors, then pairing them with a warm pair of shorts is the way to go.


While suits are not really a symbol of casual attire, if you want to wear one casually then you will be glad to know that you can throw on a pair of Jordans with it. Choose a slimmer fit on the suit as it looks best with these shoes.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, you can definitely rock Jordans with casual clothes and there are a number of ways to do it. Basketball shoes have become fashionable both on and off the court, especially since the appearance of Jordans. This is because having a good pair of these stylish shoes complements your overall casual look. So, you can buy them for everyday use.The trick is to make the right outfit choices and know how to pull it off with your casual attire. The above-listed tips will help you in this regard.

How to Properly Rock Jordan's Daily

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