Why is it important to be detail oriented?

Learn how to pay attention to details for success in your life!

Hello Ladies & Gents! Welcome to another philosophical and educative article on Black Sheep Heritage.  Today, I wanted to write to you all on a simple practice all Black Sheep do to be successful. I will be honest this is not an easy practice to learn simply because it always requires a strong level of awareness. Furthermore, this will require you to come to some level of understanding of where you are in life. Also, it will require you to do what all Black Sheep naturally do, that is to continue to educate and develop yourself. I assure you, this tip will help create opportunity that is not so easily seen otherwise. Now, as the title says, Why is it important to be detailed oriented?

Why is it important to be detail oriented?

The importance lies in the details.

Lets see, why is this important? Well its simple. For some of us, we live a good portion of our lives, on autopilot. This comfort is death to a Black Sheep, it is complacency. Unfortunately, we create constant struggle within ourselves when we naturally seek for more. Whether it be in our professional or personal lives. I assure you, this is completely normal. Regrettably, with our continuous technological advancements, this feeling of deficiency and disappointment increases. To make matters worse, it can lead us down a path of shame, apathy, frustration, and outrage.

I’m sure you know what I am speaking of. Its simple social media!

The ADAA, Anxiety and Depression Association of America, found anxiety, depression, and adhd being strongly interconnected with social media usage. As of 2018, the average individual spent 15 hours on social media alone. Clearly, this is a new and upcoming issue that we will address further at a later time. Also, to be clear, social media is not the only culprit.

Why is it important to be detail oriented?

Back to the task at hand. Why is it important to be detailed oriented?

Undoubtedly, wanting more out of our lives is nothing to be ashamed and is completely normal. It is our actions that dictate whether we do things with honor and integrity. This is where our tip comes into play. Now, lets give some context. Without a doubt, I’m sure we have all heard of Leonardo Da Vinci, well known for his artistry. His works, The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, alone are enough to put this man on our radar. However, Leonardo was much more than an artist. He used his artistry to formulate original schematics for the tank and calculator. He took this even further and used his artistry in scientific research.

Why is it important to be detail oriented?

So, what’s the point?

Being detail oriented can make the difference between good, great, and grand. Very much like a house, a staple middle income, prebuilt house that matches the rest of the community will not compare to a house that has its own color, yardage, and amenities. Now, neither of these houses, will compare to a custom home built with top quality material and everything down to the sockets is unique. My point is, the more detail, the more value you can add.

This is not dependent on a particular job and can be used in our personal lives.

Being detail oriented can add value within our professional and personal development. Like I said before this will be dependent on your own level of awareness and experience. For this reason, continuing self-education is important. Like Leonardo, he mastered his craft and added the necessary detail in all of his works thus resulting in grand productions that still stand the test of time. It should be noted that, going above and beyond the call of duty is not necessarily the same as being detail oriented. There is always confusion with this.

Going above and beyond what you normally do is a part of the process or else you wouldn’t continue to education and develop yourselves. However, being detail oriented is much more than this. By being aware of your daily doings and making sure the good to great to grand detail is apparent. It is being aware and meticulous with everything you do. It is as simple as making sure your exercising proper style and grooming practices. Unnecessary, is no longer a variable in the equation. Everything is done with precision.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Here are some tips to become more detail oriented.

  1. Identify and know your craft. This is simple. Find any inefficiencies and innovate the process. Like Leonardo, master your one craft, to be great at most, and to be good with everything else. Again, Black Sheep are no one trick ponies.
  2. Organize yourself. Whether its your professional or personal life, know what you are doing and what is most important from day to day. This will require you to manage your time wisely and keep record. I suggest having a white board and writing on it every day, morning and night. You could write goals, schedules, and time frames so you can physically look at what needs to be done. In contrast, writing everything on your phone can be counter productive at times if you lack discipline.
  3. Continuously adapt. Adapting to your environment is key. This will allow you to no longer have negatives and positives, but hurdles and goals. By continuously adapting, you will take stock on your shortcomings and inefficiencies which will lead to growth.

So, why is it important to be detailed oriented?

Why is it important to be detail oriented?

Well, to sum it all up, being detailed oriented will add value in your professional and personal development. It will put you on a path of mastery. Like all Black Sheep, we continuously strive to develop ourselves to the utmost fashion, no matter what our goals are. It is the detail oriented Black Sheep who create opportunity for a better future. To learn more about what being a Black Sheep means, click here. If you’d like to know more about social media’s connection with anxiety and depression, click here. Subscribe to our newsletter and tell other Black Sheep if you liked this. If you like what were about and want to rep with your fellow Black Sheep, visit our shop here.

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