Pain and Fear: Why we need them

Pain and Fear, Where Do They Come from, How to Overcome Them and Why it’s Necessary to Have Fear and Go Through Pain

Throughout my life, I’ve encountered many types of Pain and Fear. From being overseas with the marines, to debilitating injuries that left me briefly paralyzed, being robbed at gun point, and fighting my way out of a shootout in my hometown. I’ve even encountered less excitable versions of Pain and Fear during my amateur boxing bouts, bootcamp, streetracing, traversing mountains, and going for new records while weightlifting.

The point is Pain and Fear while uncomfortable, are necessary to our growth and living to the fullest. It reminds us of our most basic instinct and most valued intangibles.

Pain, whether physical or emotional, tends to have an element of fear attached to it. This element of fear only makes the situation worse as the greater it is, the more we are deprived of healing resources. As a result, we begin to pay more attention to our bodily sensations, particularly painful ones.

Pain and fear are usually related. The longer the pain lasts, the more difficult it can be to deal with. It’s only natural that we begin to develop negative thoughts every time we go through pain. Unfortunately, this only serves to increase the associatedfear and worsen the pain experience. This can lead to a vicious cycle of yet more fear and pain. You may feel hopeless, but the good news is, you can break this cycle. All you need to do is take action.

Pain and Fear

Where Do Fear and Pain Come from

Pain and fear are caused by different stimuli. Fear, particularly, is a visceral reaction. While the stimuli that cause fear are can be different, the bodily response is the same. Whether it is caused by feeling of failure, an overwhelming meeting at work, or something else, we tend to physically feel it.

Fear activates the amygdala in human brain, which controls emotions and triggers responses. Constant fear and pain affect our emotions and cognition. They combine to reduce our brain’s thinking ability to effectively manage goal-directed behaviors. Simply put, fear hijacks the circuitry of our brain, holding us hostage to the pain we are going through, be it physical or mental.

How to Overcome them

Overcoming fear and pain is key to improving quality of life. Pain and fear keep people from doing things that they enjoy. They can affect their ability to think and their mood. Not to mention both physical and mental pain can make it hard to live normally and even make other symptoms worse (if there are any). Overcoming pain helps ease suffering. There are a number of ways to manage it, ranging from simple exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home, e.g. breathing techniques, visualization, mindfulness activities, etc. to medication, therapy, and more. You can also combine many of these practices for maximum benefits. 

When it comes to overcoming fear, following are some ways that can help:

• Acknowledge and Learn from Your Fear: Fear-inducing situations are unfortunately very common and everyone encounters them from time to time. Even if you don’t act how you would hope in the moment, it is recommended that you reflect on why you found the situation so fearful. It can help you be better equipped to deal with a similar situation in the future.

Pain and Fear

• Grow to Meet Challenges: If a situation in your everyday life is making you afraid, it might mean that you are seeking self-betterment. Consider what you can do to overcome the challenges that are causing the fear so you are better prepared to meet them.

• Understand That it Can Be Positive: Fear is sometimes an indication that you are doing things that are out of your comfort zone. If you realize this, it can help you push through and find strength.

• Gain Pride: Overcoming fear is difficult. It’s an automatic process that can leave you feeling drained. So, when you push through it, reflect on your bravery and be proud.

Why it’s Necessary to Have Fear and Go Through Pain

Most of us don’t view fear and pain in a positive light. Both of these can be scarring at their worst and uncomfortable at their best. That said, having fear and going through pain is not without benefits when it comes to personal growth and wellbeing. Fear is an emotion that has played a key role in our survival and evolution. It can be paralyzing and crushingly strong, but it’s also necessary for our growth. Similarly, pain is also a necessary part of happiness and it has been proven that it can lead to pleasure in a number of different ways. For instance, it can help you identify pleasure. Think about it, if you felt satisfied and happy all the time, you wouldn’t see it as happiness. Sometimes it is crucial to experience the other end of the spectrum so that you can truly appreciatehappiness.

Pain and Fear

Neither is pleasurable in any way, but relief from them is. When fear and pain go away, you experience true happiness, above and beyond the level of happiness and relief that you would experience if you’d never had encountered fear or pain at all.

Remember, pain and fear are inevitable but suffering isn’t. Happiness does not mean the absence of fear and pain, instead the key to living a happier life is about believing that you have the physical and mental strength to embrace them and learn from them. Dont you forget that we, like many other past and present Black Sheep are here to help, whether its through our example or services, our goal is and always has been taking others to the next level. Till Next Time-The Black Sheep

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