The Importance of Education and Not Confusing Education with Intelligence

Good Morning Ladies & Gents! Long time no see! And Welcome Back. Please excuse the hiatus, but I wanted to be sure this came out just right. You know, quality over quantity type of deal. As the founder, I am adamant at keeping the standards high in everything we do, from our clothing to our posts, I do not like to skimp on bringing you grade A stuff. Speaking of grade A, today I wanted to speak to ya’ll about something going around a lot, it is regarding the dichotomy of education versus intelligence. Very commonly heard from Elon Musk, we decided to give our take on this subject. With that in mind, I bring you, The Importance of Education and Not Confusing Education with Intelligence .

The Importance of Education and Not Confusing Education with Intelligence, was written to alleviate common misunderstandings and misconceptions held commonly in society today. So lets begin…

All human beings need education in order to increase their social and individual life quality. It is needed from the very first day you enter the world. Although it is possible to teach yourself, you certainly need someone else to get an education. This can mean a mentor, parent, leader, friend, book, video…etc. In the beginning, the most significant education occurs in the family and it is fundamentally the most important education you can receive. After that, educational institutions play their role in instilling a structured curriculum which has its benefits and shortcomings. Let me be clear, one shouldn’t confuse education with intelligence as they are vastly different.

The Importance of Education and Not Confusing Education with Intelligence

The Importance of Education

Education is the most impactful thing you can give to a person. Education informs an individual about the wide range of important subjects that can give them the skills to interact with others, the community, the environment and society as a whole. Furthermore, it also helps them achieve a higher level of self sufficiency and autonomy thus creating a much happier individual. Apart from this, education also has a wide variety of long-term effects in communities, such as an increase in health, decrease in poverty, providing economic growth, and closing the gender gap.

Education is an integral part of our life cycle. For example, through education you create opportunity for decreasing poverty thus creating a positive impact and inadvertently decreasing societal pitfalls. To elaborate, education is required to break the cycle of poverty. This is because those that live in poverty are generally less likely to get an education. Although there are a few outliers, for the most part, this seems to be generally seen throughout studies. However, by giving people an education, they can get a steady income from their job to support themselves and provide for their children.

Furthermore, being educated can also help to promote or increase the health paradigm in a community. Through the continuous advancement of one’s own knowledge, people can easily take the precautions that are required to protect themselves from illness. On the other hand, those living in poor communities do not always have the knowledge or resources to protect themselves and others. Fortunately, an education can help bridge the gap from societal inequalities and help offer more opportunities to those in less than optimal positions.

Education is Not the Same as Intelligence

While both ideas involve knowledge, education and intelligence are not synonymous at times or simply put, the same things. They are fundamentally different concepts.

Unlike education, intelligence is the natural and innate ability that people are born with. It is an internal force that governs one’s limitations and capacities in acquiring skills in different areas. Simply put, there are different types of intelligence and they are present within people in differing amounts. Of course, please do not misconstrue what I am saying, I am a firm believer that unlike education, there are fewer limitations to the improvement of intelligence meaning, a PHD is the pinacle of education while the peak of intelligence is not so easily attained.

From these definitions, it is clear that intelligence is an internal drive that people have naturally while education is given externally through books, parents, teachers, and so on. Intelligence is the material that teachers use to shape and educate us and develop our natural intelligence.

The Importance of Education and Not Confusing Education with Intelligence

Education Can Help Develop Intelligence

As mentioned above, intelligence is within us naturally in varying degrees. The good news is, it can be developed through education. Undergoing curriculums of education or self mastery courses can help you to develop your natural intelligence in a number of ways. With help, many individuals have the capability to shine in different areas, when they receive proper education. Regrettably, here in lies the problem with today’s modern education. The problem lies with the education system and curriculum set forth as the standard throughout many school districts which in turn cannot fully optimize each and every students intelligence. Bummer, right?! Fortunately, we are slowly catching up to the times and are now implementing new forms of education to fully capture each and every students attention.

Final Thoughts on The Importance of Education and Not Confusing Education with Intelligence

Education is very important for social and individual life quality. However, it should never supersede or be confused with intelligence. Many people consider that you are intelligent if you know a lot of stuff, but this is not necessarily the case. Knowing facts and actual critical or spatial thought is not the same. In reality, it is a reflection of your education more than your actual level of intelligence. Such people, if given the same amount of education and intellectual capital as others have been, would also come across as intelligent.

So why is this important? Well, as you may already know that as Black Sheep it’s important not only to be intelligent but educated as well. Now, im not saying go out and get your PhD, hell im not even saying you have to get your bachelors. What I am saying that getting an education can create the base that your intelligence requires to build off of, it is through education that many of us build that discipline and curious attitude that drives us forward to increasing our knowledge base.

We hope you enjoyed this segment! We would love to hear your opinion on the matter so feel free to contact us and check out our social here for direct DM’S. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

The Importance of Education and Not Confusing Education with Intelligence

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