May’s Black Sheep of The Month

Good Morning Ladies and Gents, Welcome Back! Much like many of our previous posts, we would like to start by saying the most important thing, “Thank You!” We are four months shy of celebrating our first year anniversary and let me tell you how grateful we are to each and every one of you! We have received nothing, but positive and constructive feedback since our inception and it is thanks to all of you, that we are continuously growing. In celebration and in the spirit of the many good things to come we would like to announce May’s Black Sheep of The Month , Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Now, I’m sure many of you know of this dynamically talented man, but I wanted to take the time to highlight his successes, failures, and obstacles. If you were born in the 80’s like me, you would easily remember this titan from WWF. Alongside big names such as Triple H, Eddie Guerrero, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and Kane, Dwayne took the spotlight as the new kid on the block that was edgy, strong, and full of boisterous attitude. Although annoying to a few fans with his devil may care attitude and arrogant catchphrase (“Do you smell what the rock is cooking?”) he was an idol to the rest. Unbeknownst to many, The Rock, had a long arduous road to be the man many look up to today.   

May's Black Sheep of The Month

Like many Black Sheep before him, Dwayne is a man of many talents from actor, producer, entrepreneur, wrestler and athlete, his ideals, values, and strong connection to his roots represent what it means to be a Black Sheep.

As I said before, Dwayne had a long road before becoming the Black Sheep he is today. Unknown to many, he had a rocky start. Born to Ata Johnson and legendary wrestler Rocky Johnson, he grew up moving from place to place getting into small skirmishes with locals and clashing with the authorities. Luckily, Dwayne would temper his rebellious nature with football, wrestling and track and field. Coming from a line of Samoan Chiefs and wrestling families, he had big shoes to fill. Being the tenacious and defiant brawler that he was, he stepped up to the challenge and continued on his athletic path all the way to the University of Miami where he played Defensive Tackle for four years making it to the Cotton Bowl Classic and the Orange Bowl. Clearly, we’re dealing with a man with unprecedented skill and hunger for success.

Unfortunately, Dwayne would experience several setbacks throughout his personal and professional career.

Due to reoccurring injuries, his football career was cast behind him leaving him a two month legacy with the Canadian Football League. Like history’s Greatest Black Sheep, his unrelenting hunger and thirst for success would shift his genius elsewhere. As we all know, this was the beginning of the infamous story that created “7 Bucks Productions.” With only 7 dollars to his name, Dwayne returned to the family business. On March 10, 1996, Dwayne made his debut into professional wrestling. Unknown to him, this journey would not be an easy one, having little to no experience wrestling, he would have to hold his own against seasoned professionals and take up the mantle that his grandfather and father left him. Come November 4, 1996, Dwayne, sporting a combination of his father and grandfather’s names, Rocky Maivia, made his debut on Monday Night Raw.

Now, Fast-forward to February 13, 1997, Rocky would be the title holder in Wrestlemania 13 against The Sultan. Unfortunately, although he found success as a wrestler, he was also experiencing failure representing the Rocky Mavia inheritance. Fans did not accept him very well and treated him as a third rate wrestler without any claim to fame. To add injury to insult with actual injury, he suffered legitimate knee damage in Spring 1997 against Mankind.

May's Black Sheep of The Month

This injury pushed Rocky Maivia to leave the world of wrestling indefinitely. Fortunately, this was only the beginning.

Very much like a Black Sheep, he embraced the hate and dislike from fans. He accepted what was only to move forward to what is. From then on, he referred to himself in the third person as The Rock and would regularly insult the audience, wrestlers, and interviewers. Here begins his legacy. Famously enough like many other Black Sheep, Dwayne set aside his fears and embraced his own shortcomings. For the following 7 years, his persona began to skyrocket in and out of the ring. Notoriously famous for his feuds with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, and Mankind, he continued to push the envelope of wrestling. He is notoriously remembered for hitting Mankind 11 times with a chair, until he was cold and bloody, Dwayne became an Icon in the wrestling world.

Regrettably, like many things, his fame would not last in this arena. He began to lose fans because his presence was no longer consistent due to his acting ambitions and could no longer push the boundaries of awe that they expected. He became irrelevant in the eyes of wrestling fans, just another wrestler clinging to fame that was slowly slipping away.

Like his previous dilemma, The Rock left the world of wrestling to pursue a career in acting which would later reignite the flames of his wrestling career. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see their favorite actor throw down vs their least favorite wrestler return.

Funny enough, his first acting role was none other than playing his father as a wrestler for the popular TV show, “That 70’s Show.” Paying some respect to his ancestry, Dwayne continued to take small roles until he finally landed his first theatrical position as The Scorpion King in the film, “The Mummy Returns.” In light of the character he built known as The Rock, he began creating similar personalities throughout many films thus skyrocketing his acting career. Presently, he is known for his role as Hobbs  in “The Fast and The Furious” franchise along with “Jumanji” and critically acclaimed show “Ballers.”

May's Black Sheep of The Month

Clearly, it would be an understatement to say he is merely a force to be reckoned with. He is much more than that!

Now, I can sit here and name off the many accolades, honors, and awards he’s received, but we all know that this is a man of many talents, charities, and revolutions, however the most important contribution he has given is his ability to provide value through his culture and work habit. Unlike many, he has strong ties to his Samoan roots and brings those connections to everything he does. Furthermore, he is well known as an icon throughout all of the fitness communities due to his lavish and persistent fitness regimen.

If that wasn’t enough, he has diversified himself as a role model throughout many fields from fashion, athletic apparel, tequila, education, military aid, and much more. Clearly, he does not limit himself or box himself in any one particular category. His head strong and tenacious personality has allowed him to persist and push beyond his own boundaries thus exemplifying and earning the title of May’s Black Sheep of the Month.

Like a true Black Sheep, he stays true to himself, his history and brings his heritage to the fold in all his projects thus creating dynamic and inclusive ventures.

In conclusion, it is easy enough to see why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a Black Sheep. His many gifts and flair for the dramatics, his legendary work ethic, and fearlessness against failure has created an unstoppable leader. It was through his obstacles and shortcomings that he was able to reinvent himself time and time again. Like a highly adaptable warrior, he knew the importance of pushing beyond his own limits. Unlike others, he did not keep himself boxed in, he did not see himself as just a football player, as just a wrestler, or as just an actor. No, he continues to move forward and learns beyond his own capabilities. Furthermore, and most importantly, he gives back.

Like a true Black Sheep, he mentors and gives to charities. I mean just follow his Instagram; we are not far off to say that he is a man of the people. He knows it is his social responsibility to use his influence to implement change. Not to mention the fact, he somehow he manages all of these amazing feats while being a husband, father, friend and full time hustler.

May's Black Sheep of The Month

At this point, need I say more for May’s Black Sheep of The Month.

Well there you have it folks. We hope you enjoy May’s Black Sheep of the Month. Evidently, I feel like we can all agree, that through trials and obstacles, we can be better as long as we continue to push ourselves beyond what we normally know and understand. It is our inherent duty to ourselves, our family, and others to continue to grow to the peak of human potential. We must drive our passion towards similar branches and bring forth value to our own world. If you have any comment please feel free to reach out to us. Lastly, do not miss out on our Exclusive Gear before they are gone indefinitely in a couple of weeks. Thanks again everyone, we hope you enjoyed this and be safe! Till’ next time.

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