The Value of Authenticity, Integrity, and Honor in the Workplace

The Value of Authenticity, integrity, and Honor are three traits that are extremely important to possess and consistently exhibit. Such traits aren’t given or inherited. They must be continuously built upon. Integrity is a concept that includes consistency in actions, values, principles, outcomes, methods, measures, and expectations. It means our actions are trustworthy and honest.

Whether assumed or implied, authenticity, integrity, and honor are the traits that must be embraced for respect to take root within an organization. They are so essential that without them none of our other actions related to respect will be reviewed as authentic.

Why Are These Traits So Valuable in the Workplace?

The perception of authenticity, integrity, and honor in our actions reinforces the belief in others that they are important and valued. It supports the notion that their ability to work in a predictable environment that takes their wellbeing into consideration is the key value that guides our conduct around them. Trust is the primary result of this perception, and some kind of trust should always exist through our interactions with others if we are to create a respectful working environment.

The higher our position within the workplace, the more impactful the level of trust becomes. This sets the tone for our subordinates and superiors. Leadership behaviors set the tone in an organization and culture trickles down in the workplace. As valuable as personal authenticity, integrity, and honor are for allowing individual engagements, systemic integrity is also a powerful strategic asset. This is because it helps lead to a platform of predictability and trust that encourages an entire organization to engage.

Value of Authenticity Integrity and Honor

Why They Work

It’s no surprise that employees with these specific traits shine. They don’t undermine their colleagues, they work just as hard no matter whether they are being watched or not, they can always be counted on to perform their best, and they will be honest enough to admit it if they have made mistakes. Employees that possess authenticity and integrity won’t pass the blame but they will share the credit. They are an inspiration to others, creating an upbeat and positive work environment.

If you were in charge of networking and hiring, wouldn’t you research beyond the resume of your potential employee to learn of their honor, integrity, and authenticity? Of course, you would. So, if you are that employee, your services will be sought-after, both when you are hired and for years afterwards.

How to Demonstrate Authenticity, Integrity, and Honor in the Workplace

Integrity and all of its related traits begin with your individual choice to always act in accordance with strong moral principles, regardless of the situation. By exhibiting honor and authenticity in all your work interactions, you will exude unwavering purpose and confidence. Others will become inspired by your steadfast accountability and your way of interacting. Following are some practical ways to demonstrate authenticity, integrity, and honor in the workplace and make them more than just a buzzword:

Value of Authenticity Integrity and Honor

Bring Your Values to Work

As a leader, you want to make sure that your business reflects your personal values. So, bring your values to work and whenever you make a decision, your staff will know you mean it.

Be Transparent

Transparency is important and as a business owner, you must always aim for full disclosure in your business dealings. When your employees are aware of what’s happening, they will be more accepting when you need to make tough decisions.

Encourage Staff to Speak Freely

If you want your staff to come up with new, creative approaches to the various business challenges and situations, you will need to make sure that they aren’t afraid to share their ideas. So, create a workplace environment where your employees are encouraged to speak freely. At the same time, teach them how to receive and give constructive criticism in a way that will improve current ideas and develop new ones.

Value of Authenticity Integrity and Honor

Don’t Compromise Your Mission

The Value of Authenticity, Integrity, and Honor in the Workplace

Your goal should be the ultimate guide for all the decisions you make about your business. If you don’t compromise your mission, you will always retain your integrity.

Authenticity, integrity, and honor are the common denominators of a respectful and successful working environment. By demonstrating these traits in the workplace, you will find balance between responsibility and respect. Not only will these characteristics lead you to have better relationships with your employees, but you will also find more fulfillment from your work because you know you are performing in alignment with your best self. Till next time!The Black Sheep

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