What is Valor? Why Should You Have it?

Life isn’t always simple. All kinds of decision-making confront us on daily basis – from small and mundane to the big and life-changing. Making these key decisions requires valor. It is basically the ability to face your fears and take action despite them. Fear is a necessary, natural feeling and it is generally useful in decision-making to give us caution.

Identify the Important Quality

Amongst all the qualities and attributes, there is one that is crucial to be present in virtually all situations. Valor is without a doubt that quality. However, keep in mind that it alone does not develop you a moral person. The ability to identify what is ethical, what is wrong, what is right, what is the problem, what is non-ethical, what can be applied to resolve the problem, etc. exists in virtually everyone. The ability to do the moral, fair, and right thing needs an essential quality.

What is Valor? Why Should You Have it?

Why is It So Important?

Valor is the most important quality. There are other attributes like impartiality, persistence, generosity, morality, etc. that you can practice constantly but only if you have valor. Out of all the attributes and qualities, it is the one that allows you to deal with any challenging situations in life. It gives you better strength as compared to all the other virtues.

Valor is what the other attributes depend on as a basis. It is basically a ladder for your other virtues to climb. It is important in many phases of your life but most importantly, it is central to all your other attributes. Without it, you won’t be capable enough to stand for your virtues.

In your life, in majority of the challenging situations, you need to make tough decisions, e.g. doing something that you wouldn’t normally do. In such circumstances, anyone can suggest what’s the right thing to do but only a person with valor and courage will be able to take action.

What is Valor? Why Should You Have it?

Learn to Practice

Valor allows you to make tough decisions and deal with challenging situations. It basically encourages you to start a new thing or choose an unusual path. It makes you understand your complete potential as only because of this you practice risk, and it is the attribute that differentiates the uncertainfrom the achievers.

To practice this, you have to take the initiative and jump into the situation. Then gradually, you need to pursue the options that seem less suitable or less familiar to you. Practicing in this way will slowly develop this quality and courage inside you.

The Bottom Line

Valor is the tree all the other qualities and attributes need in order to ascend. It is basically a foundational quality, without which the other qualities are incomplete. It is a virtue that cannot be attained from one action. Instead, it is nurtured through a series of tough decisions over a lifetime. Practicing it is a worthy pursuit and it is necessary to living a fulfilling and meaningful life. Till next Time!– The Black Sheep

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