Black Sheep Militia: How to join the Military?!

And you’re picking the most difficult branch, the Marine Corps! Well here’s what you need to know.

Hello Ladies and Gents! So you want to join the military? Well not to worry being a marine for 8 years sure does help me help you. Now since most of my experience is coming from the Marine Corps, I cannot speak specifically on other branches although there are many similarities.

The United States Marine Corps IS the most difficult branch to serve under.

I am speaking regarding to the training and standards that must be kept at ALL times! I am speaking from an objective viewpoint. Our boot camp to rifle qualification to our standards and regulations i.e. haircut, shave, uniform…etc are the most strict. As I stated before, all of the branches have similar standards and regulations, but they’re also not using starch on their covers (hats), sleeves, and daily uniforms on a regular basis in lieu of getting yelled at for looking like a bag of ass.

Soooo yeah the Marine Corps is a little out of control hahaha.

However, these finer details and extension of training is what makes the USMC the top branch. It is the continuous education and leadership training that allows us to be the best. From admin to cook, every marine is a rifleman. From private to full bird colonel, we are all trained to lead a squad at any given moment.

So you want to join the military. Well lets get started. Here’s what you need to know to be a successful marine.

want to join the military.

#1-Be in shape.

You are required to run three miles, do pull ups and sit-ups. However, this is just the bare minimum. If you truly want to be a successful marine, make sure your run time is the lowest it could possible be, your pull up count is above 15, and sit-ups at 100 under time.

#2-Be strong.

My previous tip was specifically hitting on the endurance portion. You must also be strong! Not only will you be tested on strength (i.e. ammo can lifts and carries) and short distance sprints, but if you are in a combat related job, strength will be the name of the game.

If you can’t keep up then you will suffer and pay for it one way or another. Trust me. I was a Tracker for a majority of my tenure. There will be hikes and gear such as tow bars, machine guns, and pelican boxes that you will require to pick up that are heavy ass f***.

#3-Be a proficient swimmer.

Now this one is up for debate. There are minimums that you can do. However, if you are a combat related job it would behoove you to be an above average swimmer because you may end up in a vehicle that goes from ship to shore.

WHEN things go wrong and they will, you may need to high tail it out of there. Take it from a tracker (amphibious assault) who’s seen many vehicles go under in calm and rough waters either from vehicle malfunction or user malfunction, you don’t want to be the guy who gets yourself or someone else killed because you’re a lousy swimmer.

So you want to join the military. Well education is important, believe it or not.

#5-Be Smart.

Whether or not you are aware, education does play into your promotion score in any branch. So do your due diligence and continue your education throughout your career. It not only makes you a better marine and leader, but it helps your career as well.

#6-Due do your due diligence.

This one pertains to before, during, and after your Marine Corps career. Before you enter, try to leave for boot camp as a PFC (private first class) your career will thank you for it. Take it from someone who started at the bottom as a private and made his way to sergeant. By the time, I hit my main duty station (the fleet), my fellow marines who joined as PFC’s were getting promoted to Lance Corporals. This means I was 9-12 months behind them.

Now, why should you care?

Well if they haven’t broken the news to you, most people do not want to join the military for the fabulous paycheck we receive, so the faster you are on track for promotions, the better for your check and sanity. During your service, refer to my be smart tip (tip#5). Continue to train, get better scores, and continue your education. As for doing your due diligence after, be sure you are ready to leave the corps. Research all of your benefits and have a plan, but more importantly have a purpose (I’ll talk more on purpose later on).

Marines with no purpose get complacent and lose track of their lives, it may not be permanently, but it can come as a shock once your contract ends.


This has been the downfall of many marines. You will lose your paycheck, freedom, and at worst your benefits. Take it from someone who nearly caused an international incident (A funny story, no one was harmed) it is not worth the headache. Half the time, the incident could have prevented while the other half it could have been controlled to some extent. I will be the first to break it to you, but watch yourself.

Marines are known for being rowdy and rambunctious for a reason haha.

A majority of instances simply comes down to a bout of poor judgement mixed with alcohol, peer pressure…etc. Other times, you may find yourself dealing with politics or individuals with power who shouldn’t have it. Whatever the case may be, BE WARY!

Want to join the Military?!

So you want to join the military. These tips are the staple to starting and getting through a Marine Corps career without a hitch. I will be the first to say there will be many downs, more than ups, but that is why we have our brothers and sisters along side us. You know you’re a marine when your making light of bad situations through dark humor and a quick snapping sarcasm that most civilians will hate you for later hahaha.

If you have anything further to add, please feel free to comment down below or email us. If you would like to support the Black Sheep movement, feel free to visit our shop or subscribe to our mailing list. I will post later on about my job specifically as a tracker and Phan will give his peace about being in the air wing. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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