Which diet rules them all?

Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Intermittent Fasting & IIFYM’s….

Hello Ladies & Gents, today I will be briefly discussing a common question I receive from clients and friends or family which was, “Which diet rules them all?” For those of you who don’t know, I was a trainer for over 6 years. I started as a trainer in the Marine Corps dealing with BCP Marines (Body Composition Platoon), which were Marines on the verge of getting kicked out due not passing body comp standards.

It was my job to get these guys back into fighting shape.

I continued down this path after my Marine Corps career and worked as a trainer, strength & conditioning coach, physical therapy aid, sports coach, and as an athlete myself. Personally, I have trained in football, soccer, boxing, Muay Thai, karate, and Jiu Jitsu throughout my life. I was certified in ISSA, ACSM, USPA with a Bachelors in Exercise and Nutrition. I have worked for the NFL, skate teams, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, swim teams, and collegiate to grade school teams. Now, I have returned to school to get a Masters in Physiology.

Long story short, I am here to help with the knowledge and experience I have accumulated throughout my life so bear with me.

Which diet rules them all?

Now, lets get to it. Which diet rules them all? Now don’t hate me for this, but none of them do. Unfortunately, none of these diets work. Now stay with me. I am also going to add that all of these diets work. Now, you might be saying “what the hell” or “what gives, E.” But don’t get frustrated for I will explain.

I want you for a split second to put on the shoes of a trainer. Jump into our role for a moment. Now as a trainer, our main concern is to assist you in achieving your goals in the safest and most optimal way possible. If you were the trainer, and your client wanted to lose weight, which unequivocally means lose fat, you would pick the best route to get your client to the end goal.

The key factor for these statements lies in the variables. “But E, what do you mean by variables?” Which diet rules them all? Well that depends.

Well for the first time, I will be introducing my concept about variables. In life without ALL OR MOST OF THE VARIABLES POSSIBLE, we cannot see the full picture. I will talk more about variables in other posts, but regarding this one our variable would be adherence.

No matter the time (how fast the client wants to lose weight i.e. deadlines), the limitations (whether in or outside the gym), how realistic the goals are.…etc. Our priority is to get you to your goal in a realistic, safe, and most optimal (because there is no such thing as perfect) manner. So, which diet rules them all?

Which diet rules them all?

Well each client I have had uses the best diet for THEM.

For some, a diet high in fats and protein is the road of least resistance while for others eating Chipotle everyday is the best way to keep them on track. It is the diet that best fits your own or your clients lifestyle choices that would be the best diet to go with. Remember, we are looking at long term gains, not simply short-term returns.

Adherence is key! We are looking at long term gains, not short term results!

To bring it back, which diet rules them all? Well it depends on the Variables. Variables are your key to success! Adherence will give you the best route possible! As long as you or the client is in a caloric deficit then the goal is in reach! On a side note, variables will change so it will require constant assessment and adjustment to keep you from deviating from the goal. Remember, long term results are the key to success!

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