Black Sheep Academy Fitness 101

Good morning ladies and gents, I hope y’all are enjoying hump day! There are only a couple more weeks until the holidays, so be sure to get our three newly released shirts just in time for the holidays. Whether it be for you, a friend or family member, our Black Sheep gear is sure to make an impact. As for today’s post, I wanted to talk about the fundamentals of fitness! After a series of questions, I realized there is still much confusion regarding the basics. As a matter of fact, the most common mistakes are committed by those overreaching and attempting to do too much. In lieu of that, welcome to another segment of Black Sheep Academy Fitness 101. It’s been long overdue, but I thought that after covering some well need information regarding nutrition that it was time that I focused on the latter.

If you missed some of our other Black Sheep Academy, click here. So, without further delay, welcome to Black Sheep Academy Fitness 101. Today I wanted to talk to you about the fundamentals involved in exercise.

Black Sheep Academy Fitness 101

In our many fitness pursuits, the most basic goals are within the realm of increasing lean body mass, strength, power, endurance and ability. Mobility, flexibility, and stability all fall under the category of ability. Unfortunately, it is very common for the general population to get them mixed up or attempt to stretch themselves out to thin.

Although quite intimidating it is a fairly simple concept. For a majority of sports, the pursuit of several of these are key to becoming a competitive player. As a matter of fact, many of these fundamentals’ concepts have a sizeable number of overlays. However, for those seeking to be competitive in one area, really have to focus on one.

But first let me disseminate the most common myths or mix-ups most people have.

One, powerlifting and weigh training are not created equal. Contrary to popular belief, these terms refer to a sport rather than the concepts at hand. Unfortunately, the sport of powerlifting, couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, in the name itself, powerlifting makes a confusing debut. To be honest, when referring to movements that require actual power, the sport better fit to don that name is weightlifting because it is a true power movement.

What many of you don’t realize a power movement refers to a movement that takes speed multiplied by heavy weight. As many of you may or may not know the sport of powerlifting is close, but not quite fitting of that description due to the fact that it’s anything, but speedy. Although they may have the heavy weight correct, the sport of powerlifting is slow, precise, and relies heavily on proper technique very much like it’s close cousin weightlifting. So In short, while one solely focuses on strength the other focuses on speed and strength.

Black Sheep Academy Fitness 101

As I said before, throwing your eggs in one basket may yield faster results whereas splitting your efforts in two or three of these concepts may take more time, effort, and patience.

Next, now that you know the difference between power and strength training, let me intrude hypertrophy. The concept of hypertrophy refers to the increase of lean body mass or increasing muscle mass. As I stated above, even if you focus on one, there is a carry over into the other realms. However, it is not as significant as simply focusing on one. For example, a bodybuilder whose sole purpose is putting on muscle does not necessarily mean they are the strongest guy or gal in the room. Although, said individual may have a higher potential for strength due to the higher muscle mass. Generally speaking, you could also have athletes that look like your average joe, be stronger than the bodybuilder. This is a result of their sole pursuit in strength. Comparatively, strength athletes can yield higher strength results with training blocks focusing solely on increasing muscle mass.

Luckily, for all of us, no matter what you choose you will still get a carryover effect from training. While it may not be as significant as we would all like, there are still complementary benefits to any type of training.

Black Sheep Academy Fitness 101

For example, for a bodybuilder who focuses on increasing their muscle mass, may increase their strength through the process of increasing lean mass. Given these points, athletes can in avertedly effect other systems such as their cardiovascular system thus effecting their endurance. Of course, how and how much their cardiovascular system is affected would be dependent on their form of training, rest periods…etc. As I like to say, the answer will lie on the variables at hand.

A perfect example of this is CrossFit, whose sole purpose is focusing on all aspects of fitness.

All in all, Black Sheep Academy Fitness 101, teaches you that focusing on too many aspects can hinder your goals. However, understanding the fundamentals is crucial to knowing how to program your training effectively. Remember, strength is focusing on higher loads, but lower volume, speed, and focuses on rep range below 8. Power, simply put, focus on speed times heavy load. Lastly, increasing muscle mass is by and large simple and depends on lighter loads, higher volume, and rep schemes above 8. Everything depends on the variables, Remember That! Given these points, let not forget this is just the basics. If you would like to learn more, feel free to subscribe to our site.

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Black Sheep Academy Fitness 101

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