How To Be A Top Trainer In 2020?!

What’s up everybody! Hope everyone is doing well! As you can see, it’s another great day for the Black Sheep Family. This week alone we’ve added two new great people to our team. I’ve made a formal announcement on Instagram and will soon be making their introductions here. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. As for today’s article, I will be doing a small riff off my previous post on graduate school. Today I bring you, How To Be A Top Trainer In 2020?!

Let me clear, I am defining a top trainer as someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, and can bring the most value.

I say this because anyone can look good, be great at Photoshop, or a great marketer. However, they still lack the qualities necessary to a be a top trainer. What differentiates a top trainer usually comes down to integrity, experience, knowledge, and intention. But we’ll talk more about that at a later time.

How To Be A Top Trainer In 2020?!

For now let’s focus on, How To Be A Top Trainer In 2020?!

Let me begin with a story, imagine a young active fighter who practiced two forms of martial arts. One was boxing and the other Muay Thai. His trainer was a legend because he was a top fighter, but also an ex Marine. To an impressionable young kid, if this man said jump, he would jump, no question. Come fight time, coach would make the kid drop weight by eating five to six cans of tuna a day. No condiments except for lime and chili powder. He would then have them run ten laps before every practice. This would be followed by two hours of routine fighting, technique development, and end in a sparring session. Come fight night, the kid was 145 pounds, fully clothed.

That kid was none other than yours truly!

After going through this several more times, I got sick. At my worst point I had check myself into the hospital because I was puking blood, could not sleep, and at times began hallucinating. Not my best moments, but there was a lesson to be learned here. One I hope none of you will ever have to go through. Anyways, the point is anyone can call themselves a trainer or coach, yet have no clue what the hell they’re doing.

How To Be A Top Trainer In 2020?!

This little lesson can be applied everywhere, not just the gym. If you ever hear someone say, “This is how we always do it” or “Its always been done this way.” Run far away!

Luckily, shortly there after, I left for the Marine Corps, where I was put on double rations, this means double the food every meal. I healthily stayed at a weight of 145-150 due to proper nutrition and exercise. I became an avid runner and swimmer due to my job. Through fates luck, my second deployment was to Japan with my best friend who introduced me to bodybuilding. At the end of the deployment, we both left the Corp, but I slowly returned thereafter to take advantage of the education benefits.

It took no time at all before I began studying every aspect of exercise and nutrition. Inadvertently down the road, I was nominated as one of the battalions trainer. In no time at all, I became the sergeant in charge of a platoon made up of Marines who did not meet height and weight standards. Also, known as the BCP Marines.

As platoon Sergeant, I slowly began honing my skill set in nutrition and exercise.

At the end of my contract, I returned home to begin my educational journey. As a result of my eagerness I was accepted into ASU, where I studied many different aspects of what I love. From biology, biochemistry, physics, kinesiology, physiology, and exercise psychology. It was the best time I’ve ever had.

Even better, due to my hard work and persistence, I was afforded the liberty to join graduate students in both nutrition and physiology in their research. I even helped one of my TA’s earn their PhD. It didn’t stop there, after two awesome years of earning my bachelors, I went through the rigorous process for my masters in physiology.

How To Be A Top Trainer In 2020?!

While making my way up to my graduate degrees, I had the pleasure to work as a trainer, strength and conditioning coach, physical therapy assistant, and team coach.

From hospitals to private gyms and the Mayo Clinic, I worked in an array of locations. I was hungry for knowledge and experience. I was hungry to know everything I could about this field. In my pursuit, I received my certification through ASU, the ACSM, NASM, learning online from Paul Chek and Mike Boyle. Furthermore, I frequented many open gyms or continuing education, paid for e-courses from top trainers and doctors around the world.

Well, you get it, I spared no expense. Which brings me to my point in, How To Be A Top Trainer In 2020?! I have narrowed down the 5 qualities of a top trainer.

  1. Accountable- Remember what I said earlier about integrity and intention, well he or she holds themselves and their clients accountable throughout the whole journey. It’s a two way street remember that! This means both parties showing up to do the work necessary for progress.
  2. Never satisfied- This one is of the utmost importance, continuing their education and practical experience is not only good for the trainer, but ultimately benefits the client most. This is the best karma a trainer can actively participate in meaning the more they put in the more they get out of it.
  3. Fights for their clients- As trainers were in your corners, were your ring man, your psychologists, your coaches, and your friend. As your friend and coach, we may not give you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear which may sting a bit at times, but trust us we care and we have your best interests at heart.
  4. Treats every case differently- This one is very common nowadays with online coaching. A majority of individuals have much of their business automated which takes away from that personable aspect of coaching. As trainers we need all the details to paint the perfect picture for you to reach your goals. As I said in a previous article, we need all the variables.
  5. Is fair and just- Like I said, we can be your friend and at times your biggest fan as you reach your goals, but that does not mean we’re going to let you stray from the path we both agreed upon. This is not to say we ask you to be perfect 24/7 and we full know well sometimes life takes the reins, but depending on a case by case scenario we will be fair and just. This means if you mess up we will be there to let you know and steer you back the right way.

There are many more valuable qualities a trainer can have, but for now these 5 basic things are necessary for anyone to be a top trainer.

How To Be A Top Trainer In 2020?!

Comment down below any other qualities you feel are important for trainers or coaches. Let me hear what the rest of you have to say or if you’d like to share any more tips that’ll hep the rest of us. Don’t forget to follow our social media (here and here) to see our new additions to the team. Check out our store here to show the flock your true colors. Lastly, we appreciate all of your support, so again, thank you all for everything. Have a Great Weekend!

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