Black Sheep Interview 2

Black Sheep Interview 2

Welcome Back Ladies & Gents! Welcome to our second segment, Black Sheep Interview 2! None other than our brother, Roc, From Roc Lifestyle, Team Black Sheep, has returned to give us another exciting Interview! Today, we bring you the Gentle Giant, Al Green aka Big Al. As you all know, here at Black Sheep Heritage, our mission is to empower, enrich, and enable all Black Sheep throughout the world to succeed through information, education, and inspiration. As such, we introduced our Black Sheep Interviews segment as a means to educate, inspire and empower you all. For this Interview, our man, Big Al, teaches us the important lesson of keeping the faith in times hardship and enjoying life’s many ups and downs. Furthermore, he teaches us that we must realize that are moments are all temporary.

As he says, “We must enjoy the ride and we must keep pushing forward!” Welcome to Black Sheep Interviews 2!

We hope you enjoyed our, Black Sheep Interview 2! We appreciate all of the love and support y’all have given us. I assure you that this is just the beginning and have much more in store for everyone soon.

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