Why You Must Think Critically During Times Of Political Turbulence

Good Morning Ladies and Gents! I hope all of you are doing well. Hopefully, you enjoyed our last two posts as much as we did. We can certainly say it was an honor to bring you 2019’s INBA/PNBA’s Champ, Alondra, and shed some light on our Black Sheep of the Year. Fortunately, the momentum is just going to keep on rolling from here on out. So, what could I possibly have in store for you today? Well, today, I thought it would be best to put some minds at ease and shed some light on our current military affairs. Today I bring you, Why You Must Think Critically During Times Of Political Turbulence.

Why You Must Think Critically During Times Of Political Turbulence

I wrote, Why You Must Think Critically During Times Of Political Turbulence because of the many contradictory and well misleading pieces of information. Let me be clear! This is not a piece dictating which side you should follow or written to make you believe definitively that one side or person is right while the other is wrong.

No! Why You Must Think Critically During Times Of Political Turbulence, is a perspective piece written in the hopes that you will gain some insight on a different way of thinking. Again, as you may already know from reading our past articles, our sole purpose as Black Sheep is to bring you facts, perspective, and an overall different way of thinking and questioning. As we all know, this last week alone has caused some seemingly large tidal waves in our live. In many people’s eyes, war was hovering over us just waiting for the right moment to show its nasty face. Well, it doesn’t matter if it does or doesn’t, we are the US and as the US we have certain measures that most people do not know about.

Anyways, whether you’re currently in the military, a veteran, related to either, or just a simple American looking at the TV as Iran launches missiles towards our troops you cant help but feel slightly uneasy. Well, let me be the first to introduce you to this unquestionable fact: The US derives most of its power due to our military might! Now, whether you chose to believe it or not, the United States of America spends large portions of money on our military alone in comparison to other sectors. 

Let’s just say, for the sake of playing devil’s advocate, that we did not have one of the strongest military’s in the world. Or that history has shown us that previous nations with strong military’s such as the Spartans fell at some point. What would keep us on top.

Why You Must Think Critically During Times Of Political Turbulence

Well, unbeknownst to many, the US is one of the scariest countries in the world. What do I mean? Well, there are no boundaries that the US hasn’t not walked over to stay in that number one spot. From toppling governments and regimes to playing simple sleight of hand or resorting to trickery, the US knows no bounds to do what it needs to in order to keep said power. How do I know this? Well besides doing extensive research on the CIA, FBI and Secret Service, I was fortunate enough to partake in operations unknown to the general public not to mention working with research and development within the military. Now, although most of the information is not completely barred from the general public, it was also known that our leadership did not want it easily found. 

That being said, let’s come back to, Why You Must Think Critically During Times Of Political Turbulence.

As I’ve already said, the US along with many other countries, have stayed in power due to a combination of military might and the power of misdirection. My point is, don’t take things at face value, while we may be seeing missiles launched from Iran, other events can be taking place away from the public eye. Think of the political and military world as a multi-tiered chess board where one pieces moves so that it may hides other pieces. This is called strategy also known as tactics. It has been one of our oldest professions since the time Sun Tzu wrote the Art of War. But let me give you a better, more modern, yet simpler example such as the film, The Prestige. In the film, you see two ambitious magicians outdo, hurt, and trick one another all for the sake of power, glory, and prowess. While one believes he has the upper hand, a simple yet seemingly frail and deceiving act, bests him. In the end, Hugh Jackman falls for Bales greatest trick which ends in his demise!

It’s kind of like simple psychology with children. Here’s the scenario, its flu season, parents bring a child for routine shots to avoid a rather frustrating, booger filled outcome. Upon arriving into the room to be seen, the doctor walks in to speak with the parents and leaves only to return with a syringe and proper cleaning aids. The child senses something off and fear starts kicking in as the doctor prepares the child for their vaccination. At this moment, ingenuity happens, the doctor knowing full well they want to avoid any kind of unnecessary struggle distracts the child if only for a few seconds. Luckily, within the guise of distraction hides the sleight of hand as the doctor administers the vaccination without the child knowing until after the fact. So simple yet so brilliant if you ask me. Much like the child getting tricked, we are no different, except we’re in a much larger game.

Why You Must Think Critically During Times Of Political Turbulence

Put simply, think critically! Ask yourself? What is the goal? If there is no goal in sight, then who stands to gain from the actions took? Or can it be misdirection from a second or third event taking place? 

All in all, be sure to ask the right questions and be prepared for whatever may lie beyond the answer you find. Until then, remember, be kind, smart, helpful, courageous, and all those other good virtues because while the world leaders play their dangerous game, it is the people who see the fallout!

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